Before I reveal to you the diet I used when I was younger to lose a significant amount of way and look and feel a whole lot better, I'd like to talk about the benefits that were a result of losing all that weight. First of all, I'll never forget how much attention I got from the ladies once I had burned all that excess fat off my body. Before that, I had never ever gotten any attention whatsoever from women. Well, maybe a little attention, but never anything like this. It's a good and bad thing at the same time. It's bad because it's just another example of how superficial our society has become here in North America and in many other parts of the world. But it's also a good thing because it shows you that the power to attracting a girlfriend/boyfriend is in your own hands and it all starts with becoming more attractive to those people you would like to date.

Second, I had become not only a lot more popular with the ladies but I gained a lot more popularity with others too and my social status increased. Additionally, because of this, my self-esteem and confidence levels increased dramatically. As a result of implementing that diet and losing that excess weight, I had become more successful in other areas of my life too. It's all about the spillover effect. You cannot improve one area of your life without it having a positive effect on all the other areas of your life. It's important to remember that all the aspects of your life are interconnected and you can improve the whole by targeting one little part like your level of health and fitness.

So, what is this magical diet I tried that worked wonders for me many years ago? Well, there's nothing magical about this diet even though the results may seem magical to some. It was called the Montignac diet. Michel Montignac is a man from France who developed his own weight loss philosophy and strategy and wrote many books about it. Hey, it worked for me and it can work for you too. Of course, I was young at that time and pretty desperate to lose weight so I was completely committed to following through with that plan.

I'm not saying it will for sure work for you because many years later, after having maintained the weight loss for over 10 years, I got sick and was prescribed medication that caused a severe weight gain. I got healthier but I also got fatter again and this time, with the medication, I wasn't able to stick to the Montignac diet. After years of struggling, I finally found a different plan that began to work for me again. You see, different plans work better for different situations. It all depends on the circumstances of your situation. What is this second weight loss plan that I saw success with recently after failing to follow through with Michel Montignac's diet for a 2nd time? It was the Weight Watchers Points Plus program. It really worked for me. I'm far from being done with my weight loss journey but I have lost over 20 pounds so far following the weight watchers points plus program. It works for me so take a risk and try it for yourself.

Of course, I wasn't exclusively using the Weight Watchers Points Plus program to lose that 20 pounds. There are all kinds of other little things I have implemented from different weight loss programs that when combine together had a bigger effect on my weight loss progress. I don't even remember where I learned all the little tricks and tips that I have implemented to lose all this weight but that still does lead me to my next point: you have to keep educating yourself about all things health, fitness, and weight loss in general if you want to reach your health and fitness goals.

I would personally recommend reading books, articles, magazines about these issues. Additionally, I would also recommend watching shows, videos, and anything else you can get your hands on about these topics to keep feeding your mind with positive ideas about how this thing really is possible and you'll also get all kinds of new ideas on how to make this hapen for yourself.

One of the articles I have personally written that I would recommend you read about weight loss and fitness can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Is There Really A Trans Fat That Fights Abdominal Fat?

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The reason I focused my efforts on writing an article about Abdominal Fat is pretty simple. First of all, most men and some women too are most interested in getting a flatter stomach and getting abs when it comes to fitness concerns. Also, the other reason I chose to write about these topics is the fact that abdominal fat is really dangerous and it's crucial to attack it before you worry about any other kind of fat on your body.Too much abdominal fat can lead to so many different kind of very serious diseases so if you do have an abdominal fat problem, you need to immediately take action to fix this problem of yours so you can ensure great health for yourself for years to come.

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