Starting Your Own Business Doesn't Have To Be The Hard Part.

Starting a business was never something I really planned to do in my future. My junior year in high school, however, introduced me to this life I never expected to actually experience. It all started as the quest for a grade. Career Day was the great idea of a wonderful English teacher who felt the need to pry ambition from the lives of her honors students. Striving to be a fashion designer was the easiest way for me to get a good grade. By this time I was pretty confident about my skills. So as I slid into my seat, "dressed to kill" in a sparkling velour outfit and awaited my eminent grade of an "A," I was clueless about the giant I had awaken that day.

I had no intention of reviving the life of my inner seamstress, let alone starting my own business. I really never gave either a second thought after that English class. But a spouse and two children into the future, I began to feel the urge swelling inside me. So I began again, this time with a satin Easter suit for my three year old little man. I was showered with so many compliments, I knew that my new accomplishment would not be the last.

The final die was cast when one day I found myself searching on my favorite site of the time, eBay. Ignoring the skepticism that continually steered me from viewing the new handmade section, I clicked through and got the shock of my life! People were actually paying good money for something I had come to love: handmade clothing! Immediately I wanted to be a part of that society, and I intended to find out the necessary information to do so. I felt that selling original designs of children's clothing was perfect for me.

I'd often been told that the best job is the one that allows you to do what you love. This is usually the driving force behind starting a self-made business. Starting my own business gave me a chance to design out loud. It released me from what I felt was the monotony of the traditional workplace. Creativity and freedom from the daily grind, however, are not always enough to motivate some to take that first step to start their own business. If this is you, here are some tips that may help.

Walk past your fear. Starting something new or trying to avoid failure are powerful deterrents to starting a business. Everyone fails at some point. The difference between those who fall back into the shadows as opposed to the ones who reach success is determination. Tell yourself that you deserve the eminent rewards of working for yourself, and take the next step.

Believe in yourself. This seems so obvious, but it can be a show-stopper. Don't underestimate your potential. You have a product that someone wants just as much as they want those other products out there. Begin your venture knowing you can succeed, instead of talking yourself into failure.

Write down your goals. I have read on many occassions that people who are the most successful in life actually write down the goals they intend to achieve. This allows you to physically see your dreams before your eyes. That way, you are better able to keep your focus. Every legitimate business has a mission statement; something that explains what that business is about, and hopes to accomplish once it is in existence. Take the time to write down your mission statement, even if no one but you ever sees it. This allows you to have a clear picture of the direction you want to take your business.

Believe in your product. Use similar products as a foundation to build upon, not as a comparison. It's easy to find the good in someone else's product, while spotting all the faults in your own. This is the classic case of sabotaging yourself. No one else will believe in what you have to offer if you don't believe in it yourself. In the famous words of my mother: "It's a sad dog that won't wag his own tail!"

Keep your support group small. Don't discuss your plans with everyone. When first deciding to take the journey to start your own business, it's normal to be excited. You want to tell everyone you know, especially the people close to you. Family and friends are well-meaning, but they can discourage you from going forward with your plans. Tell only whom you need to tell...someone that you know will help you to reach your dream, and not kill it. That circle of encouragement is very small. It's a great idea to keep it that way.

Learning how to start a business can be a lot of fun. Don't overwhelm yourself with the startup process itself, and then never take a step. Have confidence in yourself and know that you can be as successful as the next person. Use these tips to help you push pass the doubts of starting your own business, and allow yourself to reach beyond all of the success that you can imagine!