Now you should know the first two rules of Fight Club.

But for those who don't,

The First Rule of Fight Club is: "You Do not Talk About Fight Club!"

The Second  Rule of Fight Club is: "You Do not Talk About Fight Club!"

However, these rules certainly do not apply here on InfoBarrel if you want to attract more views on InfoBarrel and build credibility, your first two rules should be:

The First Rule: "You Do Talk About InfoBarrel"

The Second Rule: "You Don't Talk About InfoBarrel Too Much"

David Halpern from Social Triggers claimed that "more than  40% of the most retweeted URLs are about Twitter? Just head over to Retweetist and take a look at the top 100 retweeted links".

So what Tweeters like to hear about Twitter? Well, that's no surprise.

Well hang on do InfoBarrelers want to know about InfoBarrel? Well yes, yes they do!

And now your going to give them it. So if you want to be famous and attract more views on InfoBarrel, well simple write about InfoBarrel (obviously with great content), there are a whole range of topics that you can come up around InfoBarrel:

  • InfoBarrel Back Linking Strategies
  • Issues With InfoBarrel
  • How To be A Success on InfoBarrel
  • Hints and Tips For InfoBarrel
  • The list goes on ...

The best thing is that any article topic on InfoBarrel will have an audience, as it is posted on InfoBarrel.

But wait, what about Rule Two: "Don't Write About InfoBarrel Too Much".

The reason for this is not so much about the quantity of articles, but the quality of articles you are producing. If you have written too many articles over the same topic, the quality of your future article will soon go down hill after constantly going over the same content (your content might start to overlap).

(People on InfoBarrel will know you have re-written some of the content and so will InfoBarrel. Hence leading to fewer and fewer views as people know what to expect, and you lose credibility.)

But Wait This Is The Real Cruncher ...

So we know that if you tweet about twitter you can expect a good amount of views, or if you write about InfoBarrel on InfoBarrel you can also expect a good amount of views. (Obviously permitting the content is of really good quality, as said above).

But have you thought about writing about  this ...Write about Twitter on InfoBarrel then tweeting it? You are effectively abiding by the rules you have wrote about Tweeted on Twitter about Twitter but containing a link ( I highly recommend the link is a cross editorial link) within the tweet.

Example Tweet: An unidentified company is said to be buying Twitter, who  is it? Facebook!? Google!?

Where I have underlined it, this would be the hyperlink to the article about Twitter written on InfoBarrel, this is also an example of a cross editorial link.

So if the article contains who is going to buy Twitter and the article is of good content, a bit of a more 'capturing' tweet than I posted then you could obviously see the why it would be retweeted.

But then this opens you to a whole range of areas

  • Facebook: Write an Article About Facebook then Post it on Facebook.
  • Facebook Fan Pages - Post the article on the fan page that relates to topic they are a fan of.
  • Digg - People want to know about Digg.
  • The list really does go on.

However make sure to make use of the cross editorial link, and not as a link on its own.

As Derek says "Tweeters are vain (and who could blame us? this service rocks!)" hence  a Tweet about Twitter is perfect for them. An InfoBarrel Article about InfoBarrel again the same idea. A Facebook status about Facebook etc.