Key points to consider for your first year of marriage

It is a belief that the first year of any newly married couples is one of the most difficult phases in a marriage life. This is the time when many couples come to terms with the reality of being married. Newlyweds are normally confronted with differences which both parties can find hard to adjust to. During the first year of a marriage, couples are confronted with problems like dealing with strange in-laws and trying to get their approval, making sure that dating and romance does not leave, making sure that your sex life is not hindered by stresses associated with life and marriage and making financial and monetary plans. Here are some pieces of advice which can help you to face the most common issues which normally crop up in first year of being married.

Family roles

While still dating, couples do not tend to discuss the roles each one will take after getting married. They normally assume that she will do this and he will do that. Things like who will pay the bills? Who will cook lunch or dinner? Who will clean the house? Do not make assumption on the role your partner will be doing when you get married, this may lead to future problems. Sit down and discuss together how the marriage should work out. To make the newlywed life to work out, you need to make compromises on who will pay the bills and who is going to prepare dinner on this day.

Financial obligations

This is another huge issue which should be discussed. When the couples do not discuss how they are going to set budgets and take care of their expenses, a partner can start to use money carelessly and start blaming one another. Whenever you are not on the same page when it comes to money, you should set up a budget plan which is fair to both of you.


Couples some time find it necessary to negotiate for sex due to the daily life pressures. When your sexual desires and activities start to decline, it is advisable to discuss about wants and needs for both of you to know how to satisfy each others sexual desires. In a relationship, sex is very vital and it should not be taken lightly or for granted.

Becoming part of the family

It can be a very serious first year problem to become a part of the family. Your spouse’s family can offer a great support system but they can also be the great source of your anxiety and stress. There are some parents who are not willing to let go and the mom can be against your marriage with her son or the dad can be against your union with his daughter.


Both of you should establish how much to input from your families when it comes to your marriage. Keep the respect but set the required boundaries for both of you for the marriage to work and most importantly last. It is a possibility that when you get past such first year problems, your marriage will have fewer hurdles and you can really start to enjoy each other.