Finding the Best Dj lights

The moment you hear anyone saying the word ‘party’ the only thing that pops up your mind is DANCE! When it comes to dance, it is nothing but a DJ party in short. Teenagers simply love partying, weather it’s New Year’s Eve, a friend’s birthday or nothing but the weekend. That is what parties are all about! A good DJ and a perfect ambience is what everyone looks forward to. And the most significant things are the DJ lights! Why? Because they add maximum effect to the entire floor. DJ lighting effects are more of an added necessity because if there are no lights then there is no dance! And no dance comes down to no people. Well, here is a list of some of the best DJ lights available.

Stage lights. These lights are one of the most important and common types of lights used by DJ’s. These are said to set a similar shade and frequency to the dance floor. The most commonly used stage lights are parabolic lights or Par cans. These lights have high emitting power.

I am sure you are familiar with the disco ball. Well that is nothing but a moonflower light. Moonflowers refract the light such that it creates different colors at different times. The most classic and yet the best form of disco light. It bounces the light beam in order to control it.

Next, we have beamers. Beamers emit solid strokes of light of any one shade. They add to the depth and enhance the mood by emitting light. There are some highly advanced beamers too, that work according to the music and time or a preset pattern. They are used in combination with stage lights to make the look more classy and attractive for dancers.

Then come Strobe lights, these are flashy and give a ‘slow-Mo’ effect to the lights which adds more drama to the dance floor.

Last but not the least are the lasers. These are used for lighting a specific area of the dance floor. A few intelligent lasers produce designs and written matter through light too. It all turns out to be really amazing. So the next time you hit a dance floor do observe the lights!