There is a lot of advice on having a good marriage but if you just remember the five T's,

you just might live happily ever after!

Short of having a love potion that will make you love someone forever and ever, it's almost impossible to have a perfectly happy marriage .  But, with a lot of effort you can achieve more happiness than you can ever imagine possible in your married life.

The five T's are good basic principles to remember each and every day of your marriage:


It's important to remember that you are now a team of two.  You must stand together in good and righteous endeavors and let nothing come between you.  When outside influences try to separate you, you must work harder to remain together.  There will be times when you might find it would be much easier to go your separate ways rather than working things out together.  Important decisions should always be made, together.  Go to bed every night, together.  Alway do things, together.  Travel, together.  Work, together.  Play, together.  Build, together.  I think you are probably getting the message - everything just seems to go better, together! 


Take time for each other.  It's so easy to fall into the trap of being so busy with every day life, that you never take the time for listening, laughing, and playing with each other.  The time you spend together needs to be quality time, not just being in the same room. Take time together, alone and away for others.

Take time for yourself.  You are important too.  Take time to develop talents and becoming a better person.  You will be much easier to live with if you take some time to do things to enhance yourself and those things you enjoy.   We don't always have the same tastes as our mate and it's okay to enjoy something for yourself once in awhile. 


Too many marriages end up on the rocks because of silly misunderstandings.  There are so many times when just sitting down and talking will clear the air of problems.  Talk to each other  and not to everyone else.  Always talk good about your mate whenever you talk to anyone.  Talk nicely.  Talk to your mate like you would to someone you admire.  Talk lovingly.  Talk softly.  Talk about your fears, plans, goals, future.  Talk about your day and share fun experiences with each other.  Turn off the television and talk.


When you said your wedding vows you entered into a covenant to love each other and to be true to one another.  There should never be anyone else who would interfer with your marriage.  Stay true to your mate in thoughts, actions, and words.  Tell each other the truth at all times.  Do only those things that will help you to remain true to your mate in every situation. 


Trust in each other.  A solid foundation is built on trust.  Trust each other at all times in all things.  Do those things that earn and keep trust.  Trust unconditionally.  So many problems begin when trust is lost or perceived to be lost.  Jealousy is an ugly and insiduous thing in a marriage.  Never accuse without proof.  Trust in the future of your marriage.  Build trust in each other at all times. 

Review and live these five T's each and every day and your marriage will withstand the trials of life.