For a variety of uses, the canopy tent makes a great shelter to have on hand. There are models to fit nearly any need, size and budget, with a variety of features and construction materials used. While most products come with a vinyl roof, they can include a steel frame with poles, or a hard molded plastic frame that snaps together quickly.


These structures are great for a variety of functions. For camping, they provide an outdoor space that is out of the sun and will protect the grill, in the event of rain. It will provide a dry place to enjoy a meal or for outdoor entertaining of other campers. Some models come with netting for the sides, which also helps keep insects away and offers protection for foods served outdoors. Some models are large enough to accommodate a wedding party or up to 50 guests. They can be set up and taken down quickly, while providing plenty of space for a small stage and several tables for dining. These structures are useful for family reunions and birthday parties as well. They main features are providing a shady place to relax and for staying dry in the rain.

Canopy TentCredit: subarcticmikeCredit: subarcticmike


Some models come with option netting for the sides. They simply attach to the top of the frame and to the side poles or posts. Many campers like to have a covered space for eating or relaxing. Some products are shaped more like cabanas, which gives them a more tropical feel. Another option is scalloped roofing, which can be used around pool areas or anywhere one wants to relax. 

Adding some outdoor furniture will give any backyard a more sophisticated look and the appearance of an upscale resort. EZ up is one brand that offers plenty of options, including some more ornate models for parties and special celebrations. There are plenty of online stores that offer a selection in the canopy tent. Many companies that make such shelters also manufacture several models of cabin tents and various types of camping shelters.


For a single event on a budget, a simple model made with steel poles may be purchased for around $50 or less. While it may not be as stable as other models, it will provide plenty of shade for serving food or relaxing and socializing. If a buyer does not do a lot of outdoor entertaining, this may be a suitable product. For those who want something sturdy and attractive, they should expect to pay at least $75 for a durable product that can withstand elements of outdoor weather.