Video cameras have really come a long way from the days of actually recording to a VHS tape.  Those cameras were bulky and the picture quality compared to today's cameras was awful.  Then came the digital revolution in video camera technology and the quality of video exploded while the cameras shrunk in size.

While those old cameras were heavy, difficult to figure out, and took grainy video at best, the new age of video cameras offers amazing features in units that can actually fit quite easily in your pocket. The Flip UltraHD Video Camera is one of the best in this crowded field of pocket video cameras. The Flip UltraHD Video Camera is a fun accessory that includes digital zoom, is battery powered, and is small enough to carry around. Flip can be designed to your specifications with color, personal photos, or your favorite background. Flip UltraHD can even be watched on your HD television! The features included in the Flip UltraHD are extensive and useful to all looking for a simple way to record the best times of life. Whether you’re looking to catch a pitch at a good baseball game or remember your precious moments anyone can use this device!

This little camera is super portable and easy to carry. Its dimensions are 4.25”X2.19”X1.17” which make it simple to fit in a bag or glove compartment, no problem. It can also be carried around in bags, backpacks, small compartments, anything you need it to. You can hold it in your hand with ease, and its light! Even children can use it for anything they may need. If they want to record an animal at the zoo, it’s perfect for them to hold onto without you worrying they may drop it due to heaviness. It can also zoom in to see details of your recording, close up or far away the image is crystal clear.

Being battery powered this camera doesn’t need to take hours to charge. Just simply slip in a new set of batteries and its ready to use! Flip UltraHD takes 2 AA batteries. You may also purchase a plug in charger if you don’t wish to use replaceable batteries. This could be useful on trios that you don’t want to bring along a large set of batteries on. As well as easy to plug in at home or work.

Flip can be designed in anyway you desire. Any personal photo can be made a background to this camera as well as a favorite theme, color, or pre-made design. It’s always stylish to your needs. There are many choices given for your style right on the website to give you a good look for how you may want to touch up your very own camera. Having a personalized camera is fun for you and exciting to look at, no more boring electronics, your Flip Camera will always look good.

Flip UltraHD can store up to one hour of your favorite moments at a time. As well as many separate files for separate videos and pictures. Then you can watch them on your TV or computer just by plugging it in. The camera connects to you TV or computer with a special USB cord made for your camera. All of these videos will be seen in HD! HD is a must have quality, in order to see your favorite memories just like your seeing them again. Its real-life quality is worth every penny. And you can send them to family or post them on your favorite sharing site. You can also create a special email from the Flip Camera to your go to share people.

There is a built in “Child Safe Mode” which prevents any little one from getting into your Flip UltraHD and deleting any memories you may have recorded. As you probably know if you have kids, they can get to touching buttons on the electronics around the house. In which case this tool is extremely helpful! No more mess ups for your either! If the camera gets pushed on in your bag or whatever carrying case it may be in, fond memories will not be deleted. This is also helpful if it’s forgotten to be turned off and you’re clutching it. The buttons you push won’t delete anything at all! Making it more efficient for you.

The Flip UltraHD is easy to use and organized for any type of person. You can drag and drop pictures and videos with ease, cut them, and take pictures! The drag and drop feature allows you to order your pics and clips however you want.; chronologically, favorites, length, etc. Cutting these pics or clips is easy as well! You can use the cropper tool for your pictures and adjust the length of the video or cut out unnecessary parts. Then you may put together what you want and delete the extras.

In my experience with Flip, it was fun to use! I got to record a mini clip with my cousin for her job and it was so easy! It’s the size of a small cell phone and we had to just press record and stop and the video was finished. It takes good quality video as well. As I watched it later I noticed they I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t taken from a fancy video camera like my parents usually lug around. If I had known about this sooner I most definitely recommended them to get it over a more expensive, bigger, and more difficult to use, full size video camera. That doesn’t even take pictures like the Flip! In this entire little camera there is simple, good quality, portable, and fun to use. Buy a Flip UltraHD today!  I recommend you buy one fast so you can get to record those special moments. Don’t forget the handy USB cord or the travel charger!