"Where There's Foo, There's Fire"

Smokey Stover

"Notary sojac," "scramgravy ain't wavy," and "where there's foo, there's fire" where quirky little sayings thrown into cartoons written by Bill Holman, a famous cartoonist that did Smoky Stover for the Chicago Tribune. Holman wrote the comic from 1935 until he retired in 1973.  "Where there's foo, there's fire" was Smoky Stover's catchphrase.

Bill Holman Self PartraitCredit: en.wikipedia.org

                                                                  Bill Holman Self Portrait

On November 27, 1944, Smoky Stover was in Don Meiers back pocket during a debriefing about a red ball that chased him and Ed Schleuter of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron while doing high-speed maneuvers. Fritz Ringwald, the unit's S-2 Intelligence Officer,  reported that Don pulled the cartoon out of his pocket and slammed it on the desk exclaiming that "... it was another one of those foo fighters!"

Smokey Stover Foo FighterCredit: www.neatorama.com



New York Times Article About Foo Fighters
Credit: www.realufos.net

We speculated that Foo Fighters were secret Nazi weapons, but they never exhibited threatening behavior and were also reported by German and Japanese pilots.


Great Balls Of Fire

 Described as being orange, red or white fiery or glowing round objects, foo fighters displayed extraordinary flight capabilities far ahead of ours. The unexplained aerial phenomenon known as ball lightning has shown the same qualities when observed. Some well-known ufologists, people who study unidentified flying objects, are convinced that foo fighters were ball lighting, but in several cases, foo fighters followed some airmen no matter how hard they tried to lose them.


The Lancaster Bomber
Credit: www.explorenorthdevon.org

A foo fighter followed a Lancaster bomber "going through the gate" while it tried to lose it. "Going through the gate" is pilot jargon for pushing an airplane to the point of burning the engine up.



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The Other Worldly Explanation

The fact that they are under intelligent control and able to show maneuvers that are still in the distant future for us, leaves us with one logical explanation, aliens.