If you’re looking for a food stamp cell phone and have questions about what they are exactly and how to get one, well you’ve come to the right place. These phones are typically referred to as free mobile phones from the government. However, a few things remain true. Firstly, these aren’t technically phones from the government and in a few cases they aren’t free, but rather at a discount. Every month, all people who pay monthly wireless phone bills pay into Universal Fund which supplies the funding to maintain this Life Line/ Link Up program, which was started back in 1985.

When the Life Line/ Link Up program began in the mid-80s, it was to provide access for poor people, typically on welfare, to be able to have access to land line phones. But today, people rely heavily on mobile phone access and not the old wireline phone.

So the government free wireless program, extended over into wireless. And many people benefit.

And if you’re feeling bad about needing a phone, you shouldn’t, there is nothing to feel bad about. We all fall on hard times and mobile devices can be expensive. Consider the fact that most mobile phone bills can cost the user $50 dollars a month just for basic voice.

Consider also the fact that you may have a child or another loved one in your home who you need to keep in contact with, so therefore, a reliable phone on a reliable network can be a life saver.

Enter the cell phone plan for people on welfare.

Depending upon the state you live in, you can get a phone that is typically free of charge every month. But you must be on one of the below federal or local assistance programs. These include typically ONE of the following:

  • Social Security
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Section 8
  • Free Lunch Program
  • Income at or below a certain percentage of the poverty level

So this is a real plus. You only need to be on one of the above. So if you’re on Food Stamps currently in most states or local territories in the US, then you qualify. You’ll only need to show proof of your government benefits usually by faxing or mailing them in.

You may also be curious about what the catch is for one of these free government low income phones. And really there is no catch; however, there are some things many people rarely talk about. I’ll list them here.

  • Only one free phone per household is permitted. So even if you live with a relative while you apply. The address is what is followed in the database.  And if you already have a discounted wireline home phone under the Life Line service, you can’t get a cell phone under the program.
  • You will also need to reapply every year.
  • During the year, you may be audited and provide additional proof of eligibility.
  • The phone you receive may NOT be new. You could get a slightly used phone.
  • Data is not included. So no free internet.

Included in most of these programs is a phone, three way calling, call waiting, voice mail and no contract or credit checking at all.

Some of the best free phone programs out on the market today is Assurance Wireless, Tag Mobile, Budget Wireless, Safelink Wireless and Reachout Wireless.

What do you think about the food stamp cell phone?