Breaking Down the Four Step Bowling Approach

Like many other bowling techniques, the four step approach to bowling seems deceptively simple when put into motion. In reality, the four step approach is much more complex than it looks. It is one of those terms that the occasional bowler may never even hear of, but is very important to the league or professional bowler.

Plasma Bowling BallSTEP ONE – Unlike other styles of bowling, in the four step approach the first step the bowler takes is not spent carrying the ball, but sending it forward. When the first step is taken, the ball is moved forward in sync with the leg. As the foot goes up, the ball goes straight forward. This is the most important step and the one that makes the four-step approach different from other bowling styles.

Posture is extremely important when setting up to take this type of bowling shot. The upper body should not be leaning forward. The center of gravity must be kept low, bending forward will ruin the bowlers balance.

Many bowlers have suggested that the in the four-step approach the leg on the dominant side should be kept slightly in front of the other. This is actually wrong and can make the bowler unsteady from the start. For this step the feet should start out even.

Once you have mastered this all-important step it is time to move on to the next

STEP TWO – While taking the second step, the bowler moves the arm holding the ball from in front of them, to down by their side and straight back. It is important that instead of looking at the ball during this step, the bowler should not take their eyes off the pins. Looking at the ball only causes more problems as it changes the bowler’s posture, causing them to slump and upsetting their center of gravity. In other words it could ruin the whole four step approach and greatly affect the players game.

KR Strikeforce Eliminator 2-Ball Roller Bowling BagSTEP THREE – With the third step, the bowler completes the back swing of the ball. By keeping their eyes on the pins, the body twist that many bowlers experience will be avoided.

STEP FOUR – The fourth and final step is a dual action. The knee is bent more than at any other step, the releases the ball, using the force of gravity that has built up during the course of the swing. Ideally, the bowler keeps their upper body poised and upright as they have throughout the rest of the turn. Twisting the shoulders or hunching the back at this juncture could not only cause a gutter ball, but bodily injury as well.

When watched, the four-step approach to bowling can appear to be extremely simple, but truly it is not. Each motion and action must be precise and accurate, or the shot can be messed up at any juncture. Perfecting this four-step approach may take a lot of practice, but reaps the rewards of an excellent game of bowling once it is mastered.