If you have not heard, video revenue sharing sites are among the best free ways to create passive income online. Everyone loves video, from instructional to humorous to the obscure and truly bizarre, video goes viral on the Internet faster than any other form of content. What this means for you is that the more times your cleaver work of art is viewed the more money you make, month in and month out.

While all revenue sharing video sites have not been created equal, you can make either a nice part time or full time passive income from your work. If you are seriously considering creating extra income from home, I would encourage you to get the minimal skills necessary to make video a part of your online passive income business model. You may think that these skills are over your head, but from my experience (with very few technical skills) I can tell you that the platforms are very easy to use even for the technologically challenged among us.

The Four Best Video Sharing Sites for Creating Online Passive Income

YouTube- The first and still the champion is YouTube. For basic accounts you are limited to 2GB, with 10 total minutes of playing time per video. You can get around the requirement by breaking your longer videos into several parts and posting in a sequence. YouTube offers a revenue sharing program based on impressions. Although the rate is not published, the basic premise is that more your video is viewed, the higher Your compensation. YouTube does not pay the highest of the revenue sharing sites, although they have the strongest brand recognition and are compatible with virtually all blogging and web 2.0 properties. What this means is that you are much more likely to have your content go viral, which ultimately increases your page views and off-sets the lower compensation rates.

Revver- Revver is a site which closely mirrors YouTube in format. They share their advertising revenues with video content creators. Revver was at one point falling off the video content sharing landscape, but has been recently acquired and is showing signs of becoming revitalized. I still place content here and have no complaints about them.

Metacafe- One of my favorite video sharing platforms for the transparency of their compensation system. Meatacafe pays a flat $5 for 1,000 views. It's easy to accomplish these numbers if your videos are original, funny or extremely useful. Trendy topics do well on Metacafe, and it is easy to calculate what your revenues should be.

Blip.tv is an interesting hybrid of 50% Adsense revenue sharing and allowing to creators to sell sponsorships for the production of their own web series. Blip differs from YouTube and others in that the site focuses on the production of series based web shows rather than viral content. The advantage is that you can boost your own profits by selling sponsorships to help you offset the cost of producing your content and your viewership grows over time.

Which Video Revenue Sharing Model is the Most Lucrative for Passive Income?

In my experience Blip.tv comes in first if you have a lot of creative talent and are willing to take the time to produce quality content on a regular basis. The key to making money on Blip.tv is to treat your content as a running television series. Post on time and make sure both the quality and integrity of the series is maintained over the course of the show.

The payoffs can be huge over time, and your audience will increase steadily if your series becomes popular.

For truly passive income, without the hassles of being locked into the creative process on a schedule, YouTube gets my vote. They have the widest audience by far and are uniquely situated to have videos go viral faster than any other video sharing platform. In reality, YouTube is great for wacky and tacky video file sharing, the funnier and cuter the animals and kids the better for your income earning potential.

All four platforms are good for content, but both Blip.tv and YouTube are standouts each for their own reasons. It is hard to beat either the specialty service for the truly creative, or the mass market appeal of YouTube.

How to Generate Passive Income with Video Sharing Websites

Video sharing is going to be here for a very long time in the future. We are addicted to hands on content that engages our senses. In fact, it is almost impossible to be taken seriously as a content writer or blogger anymore without offering a multimedia experience to our readers. We expect audio, video, pictures, news feeds and well written content to be considered minimally reputable. In truth, I do not see this trend going away anytime soon, but rather, becoming more common place.

From the perspective of generating passive income through producing video content this is a very good thing for you. The time you take today producing a solid portfolio of content will generate income for you for years to come. Take the time to make each and every effort your best effort. Be informative, unique and certain that every piece you create represents you well in cyberspace. Good content which is engaging, creative and meaningful will automatically get your work viewed in larger numbers. Boring videos which are mass produced for the sake of revenue generation will keep your content from getting picked up in the blogosphere and hurt your income earning potential as well as your reputation.

To keep your income protected it is also a good idea to diversify platforms for your earning potential. Use all the different free video revenue sharing platforms to protect your income from a catastrophic decline should one site fold. Just like investing with money, you have a huge time investment in your content and that time equates to spendable income, protect it with diversification. Never put all your eggs in one basket for safety.

So, this is how you make passive income with video revenue sharing sites. Create large amounts of solid, engaging and entertaining content over time. Diversify the platform you are working on for safety of your earnings, and challenge yourself to be consistently good with everything you produce. If you do all of these things, your passive income with video revenue sharing sites will gradually, yet sustainably increase making you very rich in the process.