One of the most popular authors of the last decade must be Tim Feriss. Thousands of people daily read his blog. His book, the Four Hour Work Week, instantly became a best seller in the New York Times list. Tim Feriss calls himself a life hacker. He finds out ways to do hard work more easily and in much less time. He is also a lifestyle guru. For example, in the Four Hour Work Week he described how you can develop a millionaire lifestyle, without actually being a millionaire. In his new book, The Four Hour Body, he does the same but then for the topic of health, fitness and weight loss. There are three topics Tim describes that are particularly interesting and these will be discussed in the review.


The title, The Four Hour Body, isn’t to be taken very seriously. It is just marketing, and sounds good. However Tim does describe the most effective exercises there are to get that ripped chest and rocking abs, depending on what you want. The book advocates shorter, but more intense workouts.  You do not need to train your ass off all the time to become good looking and ripped, and Tim enforces this with workout programs that last for approximately 40 minutes.

Paleo Diet

Tim is a great supporter of the Paleo Diet. The book contains no shocking new information about this particular diet, but it is interesting to read Tim’s perspective on how you can implement this diet in your day to day habits. Finally Tim advises to refrain from dairy  and fruit juice, products that are considered healthy by the mainstream media, but these foods are in fact not that great, especially not when processed.

Buy it?

The new book of Tim doesn’t contain much new shocking information. However everything is properly researched and proven to be working. It is an excellent summary of all the great health and weight loss methods invented in the last decade. This book is highly recommended for people who just started with alternative weight loss methods and do not know much about this subject.