Getting What You want

Four Steps To Success

The Four steps to success comes from traditional  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing).  It is a very simple , but effective way to basically get whatever it is that you want . The problem most people have is that they don't really know what they want , or they have such a vague idea of what they want they don't even know where to start to getting what it is that they so desire. So the four steps to success is a great model for achieving your goals .

Step one . Know your outcome. So the first part of this model is to know your outcome . you have to know what you want in order to be able to go after it . The trick is to be specific . For example lets say you would like to get in shape for summer . Well that is a great goal to shot for , but what is getting in shape ?Is it putting on muscle , is it losing body fat or a little of both . So you need to chunk down ( get specific )

So let say that getting in shape for you means losing body fat. So how much fat do you want to lose ?

How fast do you plan on losing it ? Give yourself a deadline . What exercises are going to get you to your goal the fastest ? What are some things you can do with your eating that will also contribute to you losing the weight .

So knowing your outcome is so important to getting what it is that you want . I should say being specific in knowing what you want is really the important thing  . So that is step one .

Step Two . Take Action. So once you know exactly what you want the next step is to take action.

Taking action really inst as hard as a lot of people think it is . The challenge that most people have as far as taking action is concerned is that they are not totally clear on what it is they want . So they haven't gotten past step one . Once you know exactly what it is you want then you can start to take action . One of the reasons this system works so well is that in most cases the thing we want can be broken down into very small actions . For example if the goal is to lose 25 pounds in lets say two months. Well we can set up some very small actions to get us to that goal . If we educate ourselves on the goal and make a plan then there is little that will stop us from reaching it .  So to sum up step two just take action its that simple , but here is a little hint if you did step one correctly then the actions that you will need to take should be pretty small , and not be to much of a pain . 

Step Three. Be Aware.  OK in NLP there is a term called sensory Acuity which is just a really fancy word for awareness .  The whole idea behind this step is to be really paying attention to the results that you are getting from knowing your outcome , and then taking action. So if your goal is to lose that 25 lbs in two months maybe you figured on losing twelve lbs a month  for two months .

Well maybe after two weeks you check your progress on the scale , to see your results maybe you only lost four lbs that week . So instead of giving up go back and really Analise everything you been doing .

Step. Four. Be Flexible.So the last step in reaching your goals is to be flexible . This step should be part of step three really . So you figured out exactly what it is that you want , you have taking massive action ,and you been really paying attention to your results , and low and behold you are not getting the results you want . So what do you do ? quite simply do something different. Keep doing something different until you get the results your looking for .