Frank Sinatra was singing many years before rap music was popularized, however the rappers of today can lean a lot from Frank Sinatra and the astounding musical career he had. Frank Sinatra can offer a lot of advice to aspiring rap stars.

Get a Cool Rap Name

Rappers always seem to have their own "street style" nickname. Frank Sinatra's real name was Francis Albert. Sinatra started going By Frank or Franky and became very successful. If he has stuck with the name Francis he made not of been quite as popular. Sinatra changed his name, but did not go with a stupid "street style" name. Can you imagine if he would of tried to go by the name MC Franky?

Sing About New York

One of the more popular songs by Frank Sinatra is the "New York, New York" song. Many rappers who have made songs about New York have experienced success, even if the song is slightly patronizing to New Yorkers such as when the Dogg Pound released the song "New York, New York", which has absolutely nothing to do with Frank Sinatra's song by the same title.

Don't Rap About Your Criminal Background

Rappers make careers out of rapping about their criminal background. Although many rappers are famous because of their criminal past, most of them are just wanna-be thugs who never become successful. Frank Sinatra had a criminal background from when he was a 23, yet you do not hear him singing about it. If he had he may not of ever became famous. When Frank Sinatra was 23 he got arrested for having a relationship with a married woman. Back then it was illegal.

Allow Your Mother To Influence and Help Your Career

Frank Sinatra got his start in music when his mother convinced a musical group to let her son sing with them. His career took off once his mother got his foot in the door. Tupac did not have the best motherly figure growing up, yet he had the basics he needed such as food and clothes, and write one of his most popular songs called "Dear Mamma". Eminem is on the opposite side of the track. Eminem had a loony mother, yet he mentions her in songs and the songs were very popular. To be a successful rapper it helps to have your mother help you out, offer advice, and if all else fails you can still incorporate her into a song.

Movie Career

After becoming a successful rapper you should venture into the Movies. Tupac, Ice Cube, Ice-T, Will Smith, Eminem, Queen Latifah and many other rappers have found success acting in movies and in television shows. Frank Sinatra did the same thing by starring in many successful movies, although he also acted in some movies that turned out to be flops.

Dis' Your Fellow Rappers...And Then Team Up With Them

Many successful rappers have "dissed" a fellow rapper. They come out with songs talking smack about each other, and then later down the road they make up and release a song or two together. Both rappers benefit from the increased publicity when they are fighting. Both rappers also benefit when they make up and release a track together. Frank Sinatra heavily "dissed" Elvis Presley in the media. Elvis later appeared with Frank Sinatra on the "Welcome Home Elvis" special when Elvis returned from his military duty. Later in life Sinatra also remade a couple of the songs sung by Elvis.

Gang Affiliation

Many rappers rap about their gang lifestyle and or their gang affiliations. These allegiances help these rappers to sell records and make more money. You do not have to actually be involved with a gang, as long as people think there is a connection. Frank Sinatra was often linked with the Mafia. While these are mainly unfounded rumors, the affiliation people perceived of Frank Sinatra and the Mafia helped him to sell a lot of records.

Don't Be a Rat and if your are Keep it Hidden

Many rappers who have had a criminal past have turned to "ratting" out people to save their own butt from jail. Late in life it was revealed that Frank Sinatra had volunteered to be an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They turned down his offer. If this would have been publicized when it initially occurred it could have killed of Sinatra's career.


Although Frank Sinatra was by no means a perfect role model, he did have a lot of people look up to him. He tried to raise money for different charities and to be an overall good role model for people. Rappers can do the same thing by raising money for their favorite charities and to help influence the younger generations to lead a better life. Frank Sinatra is truly an O.G.