Freedom Twenty Five Lifestyle Guide Self Help Review(107213)

I have to admit that I have read many self help books in my time and not one has come across as raw and as brash as “The freedom Twenty Five Lifestyles Guide.” This self help book which comes in Kindle form was written by Jonathan Frost. In it he goes straight to the point unlike most good self help books there is not a lot of fluff with the information he tells it like it is.

The book is a short read which means that the information in it is a lot easier to read and decipher. The book has been set up in sections so that the reader can easily read though it. The sections of the book are Health, Money, Sex and Wisdom. He goes through each section and his brash writing style can keep you entertained while you read and learn a few things.


He talks about how health can affect a person’s well being and how when that happens life becomes a lot easier to live. He goes on to saying that our American diets are the reason why people are not healthy having a “body by McDonalds” can only get you a one way trip to the morgue. He also talks about how we as humans need to go back to eating to what are bodies are made to eat and it is not the crap we stuff ourselves with. He goes to explain about the Paleo diet and how doing this will help you get your body back in balance where it needs to be.  He goes on to list the foods that e should be eating like:

  1. Grass fed meats
  2. Vegetables
  3. Fish
  4. Eggs
  5. Berries
  6. Roots
  7. Nuts
  8. High-Fat Dairy

He also continues on to talk about High Fructose Corn Syrup and how bad it is to the body as well as listing the foods that we should not be eating.

Freedom Twenty Five Lifestyle Guide Self Help Review(107213)


The second section of the book is called “Money” The reason he added this section is and I quote! “Money is second, because removing it as a source of stress and worry from your life will free up the energy and attention for the next steps.” I agree many of us do stress about money a great deal today. Money can help get you what you need and the more of it we have the better our lifestyles become. He goes about talking how we should learn to handle money, start a business and to live life without lugging so much stuff around. Living within your means is an important thing to achieve because it leaves money in your pocket. The next section will be an interesting one.


In this section of his Frost’s self help book he will talk about sex. He will explain on why sex is an important part of a man’s life and how it affects him when he is not getting “Laid”. He also explains that as animals we as men have a desire to pass on our genes. He also explains that most men who would read this book will have sex on the top of the list but in reality your health is of more importance than sex. After all what is the sense of having sex if women will not bother with you because you are overweight.


On this last section of Frost’s self help book “The freedom Twenty Five Lifestyle Guide” he said that after all of the above is achieved. Then you will learn to look at the world from an unbiased perspective and hence allowing yourself to ask bigger questions.

In the End

In the end though the book was a good read and I recommend it to anyone. Although the book tends to lean more to male readers rather than females I would like to think that women should be reading it as well. If you want you can read a percept of the book here and decide for yourself

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