One can never let chance just slip away when it’s already lying there in front of us. In case that promising opportunity might fall into the wrong hands, we of course should exploit it while we still can. Quite of a typical behavior, but it basically is human nature. But apart from all that, it’s more economic, majorly according to them. Additionally, it would make paying rent a lot easier, well that’s  just a couple of several reasons why they stick to something rather easier to do, and that’s how they came up with such lifestyle--- Freeloading, or the Freegan way.

Sadly, others would say it is wrong and pathetic, or just being too cheap to buy their own food and support the economy. But who cares? If that’s how you define your way of survival, then go for it buddy. Taking something that is otherwise unwanted and considered trash could never hurt anyone anyway. The thought that it almost look like you’re slithering for some leftovers is being misunderstood by everyone for quite often. It’s all about using items that should be used instead of being needlessly discarded, well actually according to them.

      If you really are serious about becoming one, then here are some tips that might be helpful. 

  • Attack by hordes if necessary. If you’re still new to this kind of gimmick, with the fear that someone you know might spot you doing your freeloading thingy. Perhaps you should try to look for some people that do exactly what you do. Besides that, the more you guys are the merrier things may go.
  • Get organized and make a list. We all do have a lot of friends, don’t we? Well if so, at this point, being friendly will finally pay off after all. You must write a list of their birthdays, or any occasions including wedding ceremonies, as long as there are freebies probably present. So when that day comes; there will be no way that you’ll miss it. By then, you can now stuff yourself for some free meal as much as you want. Or maybe bring home some food or some other stuff with you after leaving the crime scene, the place rather. 
  • Tread with immeasurable caution. You must be very aware that there might be chances that the items you’ve just acquired still have its owner. Well, it’s quite safer if you clarify things first before declaring it as yours (though you may have found it in a dumpster), but chances are that there might be some things that aren’t really supposed to be there. You might snag something that used to be exposed from a malign chemical substance, like of a virus or something… Well, who knows?