Fruit and Vegetable Diet

The Fruit and Vegetable Diet

The most confusing thing about picking a diet plan is that nobody seems to agree on anything. Just a simple trip to any kind of diet related forum will lead to a state of sheer panic as theorists shoot down diet plan after diet plan, until very little is left. 

Do try to keep heart though. One rule that usually pays dividends, is to keep weight loss as simple as possible. Right now, there are diet plans out there that require a college degree to be able to understand. 'No complex carbs coming from an underground source cooked in inorganic oils six hours before sunset and midnight in Paris.'

Perhaps the complexity is what fascinates people.

Simplicity is key

It's argued that many early forms of human being were vegan. Now this assumption does differ from continent to continent, but on the whole, makes a lot of sense. In warmer climates fruit and veg are in greater abundance than meat based proteins.

Taking dieting back to a more natural route has been the inspiration behind the fruit and vegetable diet. If you haven't heard of this particular weight loss/health plan, it's not surprising. It hasn't quite caught the media attention in the way other plan such as the South Beach diet and the 5:2 diet have.

What is the Fruit and Vegetable diet?

Well, you don't need an expensive book to find that out. It's an eating plan that involves limiting or excluding any food that doesn't sit in that little section of the food pyramid containing fruits and vegetables.

While some feel that banana's are fattening and grapefruits promote weight loss, the fruit and vegetable diet restores the equilibrium. Most fruits and veggies contain low amounts of fat, average amounts of sugar and high amounts of fiber (crucial for weight loss and good health).

They're also extremely detoxifying, full of vitamins and minerals, and rich in anti-oxidants.

For some, this diet means juicing. For a period of a few days, up to a few months, dieters or health fanatics blend a large amount of healthy vegan produce together in a specially made blender, to form juice. This juice is easy to digest, packed full of goodness and is extremely low in fat. It's also cleansing and detoxifying which is why it has become a favorite among Hollywood's own.

Can You Lose Weight By Only Eating Fruit?

How can I use the fruit and vegetable diet?

You can use this particular type of diet however you please.

If you're looking to improve your health, try taking on the 28 day challenge. Increasing 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day to two and a half cupful's will not only give your immune system a boost, help clear your skin and fight off infections, but you'll also lose some weight too.

If you're looking for quicker weight loss, and added health benefits, including liver detoxification and stomach bacteria rebalancing, you may wish to try the 7-day fruit and vegetable detox diet.

By cutting out all foods that aren't part of this particular food group, you'll be participating in the diet that Dr. Douglas Graham made famous in his book The 80/10/10 Diet.

If you like how it feels, and you have no medical condition that dictates otherwise, you may wish to make this diet plan a more regular thing.

What are advantages of following this type of  diet plan

You can expect to experience many benefits during your time on this diet. Some of the most common positive changes followers experience are:

  •  Reduced appetite
  • Weight loss (avg. 3-10 lbs)
  • Stable moods
  • More energy
  • Clearer skin (happens quickly)
  • Less gastrointestinal unrest
  • More zest for life

If you're fed up of complex eating plans, this one could be worth a go. When picking your produce, try to find organic and non-GMO if possible. There's a lot of controversy surrounding cheaply made fruit and veg at the moment, with nobody really knowing what to believe.

If you're just looking for an overall health kick with some weight loss to go along with it, this diet may also suit you.

As with most health plans, different body's will respond to different ways of living. The best way to judge the effectiveness of something is to give it a trial for yourself. Seeing is believing, as they say.

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