Sports pins are a fun and inexpensive way of showing team spirit. Custom pins can be made with a display of your team’s logo, mascot, name, colors, or any combination thereof. As they are small, colorful and portable, they can be worn even when you’re out of uniform, to show your identity as a member of your team. Also, when you travel to another location as a visiting team, or when you host a team at home, you can trade pins with them as a memento of the game.

Trading pins is an enjoyable way to gather mementos of your season. It is also a social event, with members of each team mingling, either before or after the game, to swap pins and stories. Baseball pins are excellent keepsakes and, in Little League or school intramural play, you may only play the other team once a year, so the pins give you a souvenir of your visit or of your hosting the other team.

There are high school and junior high softball and baseball leagues in rural and isolated areas where the team rides several hours in a bus to play at a faraway location. As such, a team’s players may arrive at a location they’ve never been to before. The trading pins become even more important as every player—on each team—has an opportunity to commemorate the game and their visit. Softball trading pins are a great way to add to the experience of playing organized team sports.

Particularly in a small-town environment, the local high school team is often a source of civic pride and inspires a loyal following among, not just students, but, the entire town. A baseball pin or softball pin shows solidarity and town identity.

One fun thing you can do after the season is over is make a trophy display showing every team you played and collected a pin from. You can show photos from the game, pictures of the other team and maybe even a souvenir from the other town. The other teams will be making similar displays that include your team and your town. Baseball pins show where you’ve been and who you’ve played, and can bring back memories, long after the game.

Also, let’s say that your team does really well and goes to the league championships or a state tournament. Wouldn’t your players love a special pin commemorating this occasion? You can think of it as rewarding them for all their hard work and achievement. A custom trading pin can be a valuable memento of a special season. In fact, you should give each player several, as they’ll surely want to trade with the other teams for their pins. The special pin collection that your players get from doing this will be something they will keep and cherish for a long time. The pins will remind them of the friends they made and the adventures they had.