Reduce Animal Shedding

Having animals in your home is a big commitment. You have to feed, water and care for you pet in a loving way. One of the dreaded consequences of owning a pet is the large amounts of shedding that cats and dogs leave behind. I am always looking for ways to reduce shedding of my animals to make them feel healthier and so that I can wear dark-colored clothing around my home without animal hair everywhere. After years of searching I have finally found the FURminator, which is perfect for grooming animals at home or while traveling with them.

What is the FURminator:

In my opinion it is the best tool for shedding animals, hands down. The FURminatorFURminator for Large Animals  is a simple, comfortable feeling brush handle with a unique comb that will pull out all the extra dead hair and dander on your pet. It makes sure to pull out the semi loose hair as well, leaving your pet feeling better with a recently groomed coat. It is perfect for grooming animals at home or on the go and is small enough to fit into your backpack or purse if needed.

The FURminator: Grooming your dog at home

Dog shedding can be a little more overbearing to deal with especially if you have a larger dog with longer hair. It can be hard to find the right grooming brush to use on dogs, as you will get the top of their coat pretty easily, but you won’t pull a lot of hair from the undercoat. The FURminator is perfect to catch all of the fur that your dog will shed off. The brush head will go deep enough into your dog’s fur that you will honestly be surprised at the amount of fur and dander that comes out. This will save you a bunch of money since it is so perfect for grooming animals at home.FURminator Dog

The FURminator: Grooming your cat at home

Cats, cats, cats! Where should I begin with these cute, furry and independent animals? While dog shedding can be overbearing to deal with, trying to get a cat to stay still while you brush them can be just as frustrating. When you do get your cat to settle down the FURminator works like a charm. It works on longhaired or short-haired cats. I wouldn’t try it on hairless cats though, but all joking aside you will be amazed at the amount of hair and dander you will get from this brush. It works so well that it will actually help reduce hairballs in cats.

Cat FURminator BrushingMy personal experience with the FURminator:

I have had a short-haired cat for the past 6 years. He is fairly good at cleaning himself, but because of that he has bad hairballs. It sounds painful for him to deal with these and I have looked for something to help remedy the situation. I was describing this to my vet and he had asked what type of animal grooming brush I use, which was just a regular store-bought one. He informed me to try the FURminator. Within a few days of using it, I could see an instant change in my cat. He was having less hairball attacks and they sounded less painful as well. It was a struggle at first to use the FURminator on him, but I started associating itCat FURminator Results with cat treats and he loves to be brushed now. I will brush him on average every three weeks.

This product has been exactly what I was looking for and I cannot tell you enough good things about what it will do for your pet. Also on the bright side since it is perfect for grooming animals at home you save a bunch of money from having to go to a groomer.