Choosing a futon mattress isn't necessarily easy. There are some many different types and brands available that it can sometimes be confusing to sort through them all. Below you will find three of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself when shopping for a new futon mattress. I will give the three questions and then give a discussion about the right answer.

1. I want a filling which is:
(a) the cheapest;
(b) durable and comfortable; or
(c) the best on the market.

What filling you choose is dependent on what you will be using the futon for. Cotton is the least expensive filling you can buy but is not the most durable or comfortable. After a short time of use, a cotton futon mattress will tend to sag and develop lumps. A cotton mattress is best for a futon that will get only occasional use. Foam mattress are more durable and comfortable but don't offer the best support. They are the right mattress for a futon that would be used often but not all the time. Innerspring mattresses are the best on the market and are a must if you are using the futon as a full time bed.

2. I want a mattress which has a thickness of:
(a) 6 inches;
(b) 7-8 inches; or
(c) 9 inches.

Again, which thickness you choose is dependent on what you will be using the futon for. Remember that the thinner the mattress the least comfortable it will be. If the futon will be used as a day bed or occasional guest bed, then 6 inches is fine. However, if the futon will be the main bed in your dormitory or home then 9 inches is a must.

3. I maintain my futon mattress by:
(a) doing nothing;
(b) rotating it becomes lumpy or uncomfortable; or
(c) regularly rotating it and airing it in fresh air.

You need to maintain your futon mattress by rotating it often. If you do nothing or wait for it to develop lumps then you will find that it won't last as long as you intended. Mattresses also develop lumps simply through gravity. You should also air the mattress outside in the sun and fresh air every six months or so. How often you do this will depend on how dark and damp the room is, and how often you use the futon.

These quick questions should help you to buy and look after your new futon mattress.