Gaming is changing as fast as the speed of technology. We had large stations that we could set up in our living room and still do. But these days it’s even better to have something that our children can take with them when we are on the road or if they come with us to work. There are quite a few devices out there that are entertaining and offer other values as well. Three in particular lead the field for innovation and graphics.


This handheld device is fantastic for entertaining your child on long days when they need to be with mom or dad on errands. It is a classic and offers all sorts of games for enjoyment. With this device it’s possible for your child to watch movies or TV. They can also keep up with the internet with its Wifi access.  No more excuses about not being able to do that research for a homework assignment when this console is around. Plus with this attribute it is possible to download the newest games as soon as they are available.

The PS Vita

This is the latest from Sony and very clever. It is even lighter weight than the PSP and offers even more features. Its front and rear cameras along with Augmented Reality make it possible to bring your ‘real’ world into the gaming world. It allows for full world interaction. This means your ranking will be available at all times and it’s easy to pin point opponents and friends alike. The front multi-touch pad and rear touch pad make it possible to take gaming to a new level.

This console offers some of the best graphics available and allows for all the social gaming a player could desire. The key pad allows for multiple touches and has dual analog sticks making it one of the best available. It is very easy to get system updates online so your console is fresh and easy to use at all times.

Nintendo 3DS

This game console brings with it 3D graphics and the player doesn’t need to wear any special glasses. Add to that the huge amount of games available for enjoyment and it makes the perfect mobile gaming device. The screen and 3D allows for a feeling of depth that makes it more realistic when playing any game. It is adjustable so if you find that certain settings don’t work well you can simply move along to another setting that works better for you. The game has gyro and motion sensors that make it possible for it to react to what is going on with the movement of the actual system, making gaming even more interactive. There are hundreds of games to select from and built in software that has all the bells and whistles.

All three game stations are available at many different outlets. It’s a good idea to take a look at some of the players favorite games and make sure that they are available on the console you’re looking into.