Living on a college campus exposes you to many trends before they become mainstream. One market that has been booming with trends lately is the coffee market. Starbucks first revolutionized the coffee industry by convincing consumers that a cup of joe was a luxury product, sometimes worth $6! In this article, I will delve into four of the trends that are sweeping through the coffee industry today.

Light Roast

Contrary to popular belief, dark roast beans does not have significantly more caffeine than light roast beans. The difference between the two are marginal. Additionally, while most people think of dark roast beans as creating a more flavorful and full-bodied brew, research now shows that light roast beans actually brings out more flavor. When creating dark roast java, many of the beans get burnt in the process. In contrast, when lightly roasting the beans, the natural fruity, nutty, and chocolatey flavors of the beans are preserved. For these reasons, more coffee shops are creating light roast options, including Starbucks.

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is a whole different brewing process in general. The process is complex and intense, sometimes spanning over 24 hours (instead of your typical 5 minutes). The upside to cold brew is that it usually has around 5 times the caffeine level of regular java and less than half of the acidity. This creates a strong and smooth brew that is easy on the stomach. While cold brew is of course delicious on the rocks, it can also be heated up so that more traditional caffeine drinkers can enjoy this deliciously smooth drink.

Pour Over

The pour over method replaces the coffee machine entirely with manual labor. The result is a much tastier and evenly extracted brew. Let me explain how to manually complete this process. To start, you place a drip cone over a mug or pot and heat water in a separate container to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Essentially, a drip cone is a holder for your filter and freshly ground beans to which the hot water will be poured over. After all of this is set up, you manually (and slowly) pour the hot water over the grounds in the drip cone and evenly distribute the water over all of the grounds in a circular motion. This ensures the even extraction I referred to earlier, which guarantees that every ground of coffee is being used and you are not burning the grounds in the middle of the filter with hot water. Ultimately, this process results in a much higher quality finished product.

Water Rotating Coffee Machines

Similar to the pour over method, these high-tech machines rotate hot water over the grounds to ensure even extraction. The perk to the machines is that they do all the work for you.

I hope these trends opened your eyes to the future of coffee which will soon be mainstream. Pick which new trend you like the best and impress your friends with your new found knowledge!

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