It’s a new era in network marketing. With Speak Asia, a company where you make money by answering surveys, a new trend has come in network marketing. By introducing a concept of taking online surveys instead of selling a product, they started a new revolution in India. With this new concept, people can make money even if they don't sponsor any specific person. Now they can do some work at home in which they can fill in survey forms and make money. This concept became so successful that in just 1 year, there were more than 20 lacs people who joined Speak Asia and were earning good money from them.

But the following year things started to go wrong and the people filling in the surveys became very negative about the experience. The companies running the surveys offered more attractive plans, but less initial bonuses. People were very attracted to the concept of earning money filling in surveys and working at home, but in the end many people got no money for the work they had done.

One of the companies that gained popularity after Speak Asia was Ram Survey, which rapidly became India’s largest survey company. Started in UP, India the company got more than 5 lacs joining in the first 6 months, but soon the problems started when they stopped issuing payments to their members.

Then there was a gulf-based company with the name Algulfnet. The official website of the Algulfnet is Many of the experts believe that Algulfnet is run by an Indian person who lives in some part of Maharashtra and not by any Middle East company. If you look at Algulfnet’s website you won’t be able to find contact details or ways you will get paid. Yet people are signing up for this site without any clear method of payment.

Then there was a company called MarketViewOnline which has a big name attached to it. This company is run by Pratibha Group. The company appears to have a very attractive plan but many of people complained about non-receipt of their payment.

People are willing to do work and like the idea of working online, earning money across the Internet, but many people are discovering that the companies offering the surveys can’t be trusted.

There are similar companies starting up in India with the same concept, but it’s very difficult to say which companies can be trusted.