As a writer, I'm facing two main challenges:

  1. I need support while I'm going through the writing and publishing journey
  2. I need help, feedback and the tools I need to do the job

Ok, so maybe this adds up to much more than two challenges, but I think this sums it up. I recently came across a brand new platform that addresses all of the difficulties I've been facing.

Foboko is a brand new social publishing platform for authors and readers. It's free to use and combines digital publishing tools with a good social community. I've only just signed up for an account but here are the benefits I can see so far:

  • Support for the writer - writing can be lonely. And tedious. And difficult. But once you get through that process then there are the challenges of editing and publishing. Foboko is not only a community that can offer support and feedback, they also have a Publishing Wizard to guide authors through the process.
  • Formatting a book - there are endless guides about designing and formatting an ebook, depending on the software you're using and where you're publishing it. This is the great thing about Foboko; because your book will be hosted on their site for download, they can handle this end of business for you.
  • Publicity - Whether an author goes the traditional publishing route or the digital ebook route, I can't stress enough the importance of good publicity. Many authors are finding success through social media and blogging, but it takes time and skill to build and develop these relationships. Foboko has a built-in community and relies on word-of-mouth and the social aspect to share the work of the authors. The more active an author is in the community, the more relationships they'll build and the more copies of their books will get read. Of course, you can always promote your work via other channels, as well.
  • Getting paid - How many authors are sales people? And how many books need to be sold to make a decent return? Authors on Foboko know that their books will generate income depending on how many people in the community are reading it. Because it doesn't cost anything to use, and they'll save of traditionally costly editorial fees, any money that comes in from ad revenue is purely profit.

It's still early in my writing career, but I have my fingers crossed that Foboko is the answer I'm looking for.