How in the world can a dad raise a family during this crisis?

Well, let's first take a real brief look at what's really going on here.  If you haven't heard, the U.S. is way beyond broke, the entertainment industry is steering our virtues into the ground and Christianity is being attacked now more than ever.  What's a dad to do?

Quite simply, remember what's truly important, your family, and navigate your way to secure it.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is!  Over the past 5 years, this dad has encountered 3 job losses, 2 heart attacks and absurd financial debt but, my focus on my family, a beautiful wife and two young gorgeous daughters, has allowed me to endure way beyond I thought I could.  Please don't misunderstand, it hasn't been easy trying to maintain (err..."restore") a relationship with the Mrs. and keeping up the "Super-Dad" persona for the girls.  Not forgetting to mention, the desperation of trying to figure out how you’re going to be able to pay that next electric, water or mortgage payment that awaits you at breakfast.  But with determination, you can get through it!

Here's the strategy: really focus on loving your family and setup protective barriers to block the things that can negatively impact it.

Let me explain.  Personally, I setup three barriers to help protect my family.  My first worry was the number one cultural driver in our home, the television.  Seriously, have you seen what children shows actually delve into on a daily basis?  Better yet, watch an episode or two of an early-evening, children's sitcom with your kid(s) or peek at a new age cartoon.  It's beyond shocking.  Hence, barrier number one, avoid Hollywood.  This barrier is built on awareness, good morals and parenting.

So, what's my next barrier?  Prayer. And, I mean a prayer with just you and your Maker.  Ask for guidance, ask for protection, ask for help and do not forget to give thanks.  Not only will prayer help you focus, your heart will be less burdensome.  Also, do not be discouraged, you will not always understand why your circumstances continue to go awry but you will overcome with faith. And, for those of you have lost your way, you're just a prayer away.

Money is my final barrier; more specifically, the lack of it.  This is the most difficult and draining of the three, too.  It not only requires you to choose what bills are most important, you are constantly hounded by a plethora of callers that say they are most important.  Hah!  I just break it down like this: food, water, lights, home and phone. Everything else takes the back seat.  In addition, you have to perpetually rebuild this wall until your finances catch up to your spending.  All I can say here is that perseverance to get ahead financially is the sole objective or you will continue to sit on the repeat and rinse cycle.

Okay. The goal is determined.  The strategy is set.  The drive is roaring to go.  You are ready to take on this craziness.  And, I am right there with you.  Dad’s unite!