Our geekitude takes us to dangerous places. When watching, reading and blogging about Star wars, iPhones and video games just isn’t enough, we actually find ourselves getting physically hungry for more. So what happens when someone bakes a cake in the shape of Yoda’s head? Purchased and consumed...it will be.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Turns out the edible versions of the things we love to dork out on will always suck us in like a tractor beam. You might think you’re cool now, but it’s almost guaranteed at least one of these cakes will reacquaint you with your inner nerd. Here are are few of the the most well-crafted geek-inspired cakes on the planet.

10. The Death Star

Like the partially rebuilt Death Star in Return of the Jedi, this one would probably look even more evil when it’s half built, or in this case, partially eaten. But you have to hand it to the artist here, the concave where the planet-destroying laser would shoot out is flawless. This Death Star is worthy of geek status.

What’s really impressive about this cake is that it was made by a hobbyist, not a crazy baker from some reality TV show.

death star


(Wired.com Photo)

9. iPhone Cake

Cake Hero baked this edible iPhone. There are actually a slew of different iPhone cakes to choose from, making this one of the most sought after and decidedly geeky cakes out there. The detail on the apps is great, but what is awesome about this one is the addition of a cupcake app, which shows this caters to both iPhone geeks and cake nerds.

iPhone cake

(The Cake Hero)

8. The Wii Controller Cake  

This massive Wii controller cake was made by a pastry chef by the name of Roshek Michaeli of the renowned Schicks Gourmet Bakery in New York. According to Gizmodo, this geeked-out creation was specially ordered for a kid’s birthday and went for around $360. Yeah, that’s a lot more than an actual Wii. Check this thing out next to a real Wii remote and you’ll get an idea of the kind of sugar rush junior must have had. You’ll find a ton of Wii remote cake pictures online, but none as flawless as this beauty.

wii controller cake

(Gizmodo photo)

7. The Calculator Cake

 Before World of Warcraft there was one powerful and well recognized symbol of geekdom: the calculator. This was the nerd’s Wii controller, the dweeb’s air guitar. And this cake pays a well-detailed and virtually flawless tribute to the most powerful weapon in a geek’s arsenal. The buttons offer uncanny details and this one, like so many real calculators, features the owner’s name...just in case it gets lost.

calculator cake



6. The Motherboard Cake

Once again the home cake-baking hobbyist earns a spot on this list of the geekiest cakes on the planet. The clever composer of this motherboard used sugar wafers for the RAM slots and Rolos to create the desired effect. All in all, a fine example of true geekiness. The Intel chip, made of a mint cookie, is definitely a nice touch.

motherboard cake


5. Zelda Cake  

This amazing cake pays tribute to the Zelda games, which have been a beloved part of the geekscape since the 1980s, when the game was first released for Nintendo. This two story wonder is based on the latest installment of the game, the Twilight Princess.  It was constructed by an artist who goes by Layers of Love on Flickr. In real life, her name is Jen Vesper and she might just be the queen of geeky cakes. It started as a hobby for Jen, who now decorates cakes for a living.


zelda cake



4. The Halo Cake  

Another pro turned out this video game inspired cake. This time, the focus shifts to the popular Halo game for Xbox. The detail on this thing is so perfect it looks like some kind of weird Nerf foam concoction. But this was indeed edible and crafted by Mike’s Amazing cakes in Redmond, Washington.


halo cake


3. Dragon Cake

Okay, here’s another geeky cake courtesy of Mike’s Amazing Cakes. Of course, this one is perfect for those Dungeons and Dragons players in your life. This cake even features the multiple sided dice that only a true (board) gamer would know how to use. This dragon looks like it’s also guarding some loot. The kicker: there’s some pictures of this thing half eaten and it looks like it was served it with a pile of corn dogs. Maybe next year’s dragon should come with some villager-shaped side dishes.


dragon cake



2. Star Trek Cake  

Prepare to have your mind blown at warp Speed with this cake, made by famed Cake Central member Cakesue. This one was a wedding cake and if you look closely at the captain’s chair you’ll see that’s not Captain Kirk, but the groom. The details on the control panels are stunning in this all too accurate and equally geeky edible rendition of the USS Enterprise bridge.


star trek cake



1. Millennium Falcon  

You knew Star Wars would make this list more than once. This beautiful, edible Millennium Falcon was made by Charm City cakes, which actually does a whole line of Star Wars cakes, including an amazing Storm Trooper head and Boba Fett helmet. A close look at this cake and anyone can see why it tops this list of awesomely geeky cakes. Let’s face it, we all know at least a couple people who would either drool or weep at the site of this amazing cake.


Millennium Falcon