As a banking institution, ANZ invests much effort in ensuring its customers are provided with convenient ways of banking that suits their needs. ANZ provides home loans to its customers which are classified as long term or short term aimed at meeting customer needs. The institution also provides commercial insurance which entails a broad range of policies thus giving customers a wide variety to choose from.

Furthermore, besides commercial insurance the company provides its customers with investment advice as way of ensuring that they invest their finances wisely thus reaping much benefit. Foreign exchange is also an important business activity which enables customers to get the currency needed for purchase of goods and services. In addition, ANZ also provides online share trading to its customers thus enabling individuals to assess the performance of their shares which in turn helps them when making decisions regarding sale or purchase of shares.

Recently, the company has adopted an integrated marketing communications perspective as a supplement for accompanying promotions and advertisement. Marketing plays an essential role in business expansion as it increases community and individual awareness on matters concerning services and goods provided by the company and benefits expected by purchasing and utilizing the services or goods rendered. Furthermore, marketing enables customers to be aware of the latest developments in the institution which may encompass new services and goods being offered by the company. Promotions are also play an important role in maintaining customers as it increases the chance of customers returning for the services in order to get the discounts or rewards offered.

As a result of ANZ going online through provision of online share trading and internet banking the services offered to customers have been tremendously improved as individuals can access banking services thus conduct their businesses from the comfort of their homes. Providing customers with comfort ensures their sustainability and in addition to that results in more customers which in turn lead to more profit being incurred. In general, ANZ's business outlook looks bright and promising as the company has great potential of growing further thus expanding its branches as well as the services rendered to the customers.