The generator hostel in London isn't exactly "the throwback hostel" of yester year. You know the one's your family and friends often talked about when they discussed seeing the world on a dime.

Old European hostels (really most hostels abroad) were often cramped, sometimes unsafe, unsanitary and sometimes, well just plain strange, the kind of strange that belonged in a memorable indie film.

The pluses were always price. Hostels of yesterday and today are still cheap. But are they chic? Cool? A place to be seen and make some interesting friends and memories you can brag about to your family and friends? Well let's face it most hostels aren't swanky. What they lack in the aforementioned cozy cool they make up for by being cheap. Fortunately, this London hostel has changed the game making it not just another cheap place to stay.

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Generator Hostel History and Review

Etablished nearly 14 years ago, the generator hostel in London is one of the largest hostels in the UK with amenities most hostels in London could only dream about on a travel brochure.

This inexpensive boarding business in London boasts a 24 hour reception desk, internet café, a bar, walking tour, laundry facility, private sleeping rooms, a lounge, bar, meeting room. Its so forward thinking, they even offer packages for those who are coming with a visa with the intent on extended stay in London. The generator Hostel in London partnered with BritBound to offer gym memberships, a sim card, UK bank account, fee free money transfer, national insurance and membership to social clubs.

The hostel even offers female guests the option of a female only dorm for added comfort and design esthetic. For those female guests who prefer a female only dorm they can really take in a room designed specifically for them. There are even a ton of added features which include: desks with a vanity mirror equipped with hair dryers, full length mirrors, rooms with soft color palettes, complimentary toiletries and much more.

The Generator Hostel even redefines the concept of hostel by offering private rooms as well. The only caveat with any reservation currently is that you must book with a three day minimum.

Some of the really cool local attractions within walking distance includes: Bloomsbury Bowling, British Library, British Museum, Brunswick Shopping, Camden Market, Emergency Care, Marchmont Street, University College London, Fitness Centre and London Parks.

You can even read some really cool reviews written by staff members of the generator hostel in London.

The Generator Hostel (London) is located: Generator Hostel, Compton Place, off 37 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SE, England. Telephone number +44 (0)20 7388 7666