Conceiving happens for most couples within the 1st year of trying, yet for many couples it may take up to 18 months. Almost all Doctors will intervene in the conception process only after it has been more than 12 months since the couple actively started trying to get pregnant. So you will be on your own for 1st year of trying. A year will seem like an lifetime when you're trying to have that first baby.

Some Getting Pregnant Statistics.

•25% of couples attempting to conceive get pregnant in the first cycle.

•60% Will get pregnant within six months of trying.

•75% get pregnant within nine months.

•90% of couples conceive within 18 months.

Once you consider these statistics you should find some consolation. 90% of couples actively attempting to become pregnant will conceive within the next year and a half. A planned pregnancy is something worth waiting for.

Understanding how your body works and how to use your fertility cycle to your advantage is key to getting pregnant. The signs and signals your body gives you every month as to your fertility will assist you on knowing when the best time to have intercourse is. If in doubt as to whether you're going in the correct direction, or if you're not sure you can always consult your doctor.

>>>Smoking...Research has shown that smoking decreases the amount of eggs in a woman’s ovaries. Smoking will also lessen your ability to become pregnant. Women who smoke begin menopause sooner than women who don’t. Normal functioning of the fallopian tubes are affected if you are a smoker and the chances of the embryo embedding in your uterus. If you get pregnant and keep on smoking your unborn child may be put at risk of premature birth, miscarriage and, once it is born, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

>>>Alcohol...The occasional drink shouldn’t create any major problems in terms of your ability to get pregnant. The problems take place if you are an alcoholic, since unreasonable quantities of alcohol could cut your fertility and ability to conceive by 50%. Your mate should also cut back on his drinking. Excessive quantities of alcohol can damage the male reproductive system and can also wipe out the sperm generating cells.

>>>Have a healthy diet...Eating five or more fruit and veggies a day, drinking lots of water and eliminating junk food from your diet can actually assist you in staying healthy for conception. Good eating habits impacts your weight and ability to get pregnant, and you are more likely to conceive if you are healthy, and this means observing a healthy well-balanced diet.

>>>Have intercourse often during your fertile period...It's essential that you have intercourse in the few days in the month while you're most fertile. For conception to take place your ovaries need to release an egg every month a process called ovulation. The egg remains in your uterus for a day or two, this is time of the month that you're at your most productive fertile period. The secret is to calculate when you could be ovulating so that you can insure you have lots of intercourse at this critical time.

>>>How to tell if your ovulating?...There are certain ways to determine if you're ovulating. While you ovulate your temperature rises by approximately 0.4 and 0.8 degrees. If you have the patience and can monitor your temperature each morning, also it would be a good idea to maintain a graph and watch for any rises in temperature around days 12 to 16. A few women experience slight cramping pains on either side of their stomach when they are ovulating, which can be a good indication that your ovulating.

You Know You Would Make A Good Mother...If Only You Could Get pregnant.