The Ghost Hunters TV show has become quite popular for the Syfy network. The episodes feature paranormal investigators, Jason and Grant, both former plumbers. The two men founded TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. They have various pieces of equipment they use when attempting to find out if a building or home is haunted. Unlike many other similar programs, they attempt to debunk the idea of building or homes being haunted, not reinforce it. Let's look at the Ghost Hunters TV show in a little more detail.

What is the program about?

The guys at TAPS have been recording the Ghost Hunters TV show for about 5 years now. Essentially, they go into supposed haunted homes or buildings and look for evidence to support or debunk claims that the house is haunted. While they attempt to take a somewhat scientific approach to explaining eerie occurrences, none of the members of the cast are actually scientists. Still, they do a good job on most episodes of looking at things with a little skepticism. While some other programs will point to a cold or warm spot as "proof" a house is haunted, the team at the Ghost Hunters TV show does not. Since cold spots could be explained as a draft, they offer it up as a possible explanation for the viewers.

In past Ghost Hunters TV show years the episodes were almost a bit soap opera like in nature, focusing on the relationship between Jason and Grant, and other members of the program from TAPS. The soap opera like nature was a bit of a turnoff for many watching the Ghost Hunters TV show hoping for legitimate proof of paranormal activity, including myself.

How scientific is their approach?

Of course, as you would expect with any program dealing with paranormal activity, the Ghost Hunters TV show has some detractors. There are plenty of skeptics that claim the TAPS crew's "scientific" approach is far less than scientific. Some are pointing to misuse of equipment, while others simply point out that little actual "evidence" is ever caught on tape. The members of the Ghost Hunters TV show do not claim to be scientists, but do often use equipment that is quite scientific in nature. There have been claims that they have used some of the equipment wrong on past episodes, causing at least some reduction in credibility. Basically, these guys from TAPS are just a couple of regular guys attempting, at least in theory, to disprove the haunting activity that is claimed to be happening by the property owners. The scientific approach is not really that scientific, from what I can tell, on most Ghost Hunters TV shows.

Equipment – EVP's:

The crew of TAPS uses some pretty standard paranormal investigative equipment on all episodes of the Ghost Hunters TV show. Infrared and night vision cameras can been seen on virtually all the episodes. Several cameras are placed in various locations with reported paranormal activity. The TAPS team also uses electromagnetic field scanners on many of the episodes. Like any other program, the cast of the Ghost Hunters TV show also uses laptop computers, personal communication devices, and various odds and ends needed to produce a television program.

The crew attempts to record EVP's on the episodes. Essentially, they record dead air and play it back. On many Ghost Hunters TV shows the cast from TAPS will ask questions of the spirits and then play back the recording. Sometimes called white noise, the claim is that you can play the tape and hear things that were not audible before. Quite honestly, you sometimes have to really use your imagination to determine what you think is being said on the recordings. This type of approach is not unique to the Ghost Hunters TV show, since it's used on virtually any program dealing with haunting or paranormal investigation.

Is the Ghost Hunters TV show fake?

The Ghost Hunters TV show is considered a documentary, but has come under quite a bit of attack in the past. Little, if any, physical evidence of paranormal activity is ever found. One must keep in mind that tons of footage is taken, then edited to air in a nice, compact time slot. Of course, it would be silly to think they could air hundreds of hours of nothing, but when editing is involved, it becomes suspicious almost automatically. This is really unavoidable for any program dealing with haunted homes and paranormal activity. No matter how legit any program is, there will be plenty claiming it's set up. The Ghost Hunters TV show has come under attack as being staged, just as one would expect from any similar television program.

What do I think?

Personally, I don't think the Ghost Hunters TV show is "fake." Strange and eerie things happen all the time. I can walk through my newer home and find cold and hot spots. I personally watched my computer chair swivel on it's own, with nobody around it, other than myself. I was a little freaked out, I admit, but I'm sure there is a logical explanation for it. Perhaps vibrations from others in the home caused it to move, and perhaps the chair was simply sitting with a wheel in a low spot, allowing gravity to pull the seat downward. This type of occurrence would fill most of the time slot allotted for the Ghost Hunters TV show, but it wouldn't prove anything. This of course, does not mean the program is faked. Since I do believe there is paranormal activity around us, I suspect it's entirely possible some of the "evidence" shown on the Ghost Hunters TV show was quite real.

After all is said and done, the Ghost Hunters TV show is just another program looking for ratings. I find it to be fairly entertaining, and I think the guys from TAPS genuinely attempt to disprove many of the reported haunting occurrences happening. I suppose any program that deals with this type of subject matter would have plenty of people looking to claim it was a hoax. Unfortunately, there is no real way to prove the Ghost Hunters TV show is fake or real. It's really up to each of us to decide.

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