Well, technically it was my second guitar, but this was the first guitar I was ever serious about. It's true that the first guitar you get can have a serious affect on your motivation to learn. I'm not talking in the sense that you need an expensive guitar to make you feel like you can be a musician. What you need is a guitar that feels right in your hands, a guitar that feels so comfortable you want to sleep with it. Otherwise, your just hacking away at it until you feel your good enough to get a decent instrument. It's much harder that way, and much less enjoyable. And just so you know, I'm a poor man who wouldn't have gotten this guitar without a great deal of generosity on the part of my family. The principle still applies to any other "cheaper" guitar that you might be interested in starting out with. Make sure it is comfortable.

I went to guitar center to mess around with different guitars, because I was seriously in need of an upgrade. The only lick I was comfortable playing in front of anybody was that awesome intro line from "Meant To Live" by Switchfoot. I tested that line on every single guitar that I played. It was scary just picking up an instrument due to the fact that I sucked so bad. In the end, as I was about to leave, I saw a beautiful used Gibson SG tucked away in a little corner of the store. It was $689, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than all the brand new Gibsons that I was afraid to pick up for fear of damaging them. Immediately, I plugged it in and was in love. My hands move so smoothly down the neck and fretting each note felt like pressing my finger tips against silk. I stayed in that store another half hour just noodling on that guitar. My grandmother eventually came up to me and asked if I wanted to get it. People spending over $100 dollars on a gift generally freaks the hell out of me. You can probably imagine how I felt. I walked out of that store with a new guitar and, (WOOHOO!) a brand spanking new replacement to my crappy practice amp!

The years have passed, and I've gotten a hell of a lot better at playing the guitar. I have my own little studio, and I've been playing an 8 string guitar for a while. Now that I have some more knowledge, here's my review of the guitar:


This guitar is a masterpiece when it comes to stock pickups. They have just enough crunch to make you feel like a rock star, and the lead notes sound smooth unlike anything I've ever heard. The only reason I wouldn't rate it a 10 is that I have a barknuckle pickup that completely blows these away.


I already mentioned how comfortable it was when I first played it. This thing is rock solid and the finish is a thing of beauty! The fretwork is of note, as it is still the most comfortable guitar I've played as of yet.

OVERALL: 11!!!