The Gift of Cashmere

Gifts of Cashmere

When you're looking for a beautiful gift for any man or woman, consider the luxury of cashmere. Cashmere has been used and known as a luxury fabric since the inception in the 15th century. Cashmere is the wool gathered from the natural moulting of goats in the spring through a process of combing that doesn't harm the animals. These wool fibers are then spun into yarns that can be made into many types of clothing and a multitude of accessories.

Cashmere is a super soft fiber that has natural insulating properties to provide ultimate warmth without the bulk or itching that other wool products routinely carry. The natural colors of cashmere are white, grey and to almost black although it is easily dyed into a wide variety of other colors to coordinate with or to enhance many outfits. Since it is able to be dyed, white cashmere is often the most expensive for the industry and often times these costs are transferred to the consumer.

Cashmere is made into a host of items of luxury fabrics for men and women and is the ultimate beautiful gift for yourself or anyone on your gift giving list. Cashmere is the fabric of kings and once you own anything in cashmere, it's very difficult to settle for less.

Choosing Cashmere

Cashmere comes in different ply or thickness and is the main determining factor in the cost, wear and durability as well as brand of the sweater, bathrobe, throw, scarf or gloves that you buy:

One Ply Cashmere is made from shorter fibers, is thin, delicate and used for indoor clothing items. One ply fabrics don't have the durability or strength that higher ply fabrics too and these will also be less expensive.

Two Ply and Three Ply Cashmere is made from the longer fibers which give it strength, long wear and durability. This is the cashmere that is more expensive due to the process of obtaining longer fibers as well as it will last for years with proper care.

Percentage of cashmere in the garment or accessory also affects the durability and cost. There are many blended fabrics mixed with cashmere and affect the thickness of the entire piece as well as the softness. Cashmere is typically a highly soft material and when spun into yard creates the enjoyable softness found in sweaters, turtlenecks, lining of coats, scarves and linings of gloves.

Many pure cashmere garments will be labeled as dry clean only due to the potential to shrink, wrinkle and lose the shape with a careless cleaning.

Brand is a popular determining factor for many cashmere purchases. There are brands that obtain better quality of ingredients for some garments although, it should be remembered that a garment cannot state the word cashmere if it hasn't been obtained from the moulting of the goat coat. Feel free to shop around at many locations or online and buy cashmere that is properly labeled 'cashmere'.

Cashmere Gifts:

Cashmere Bathrobe –

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of a cashmere bathrobe to wrap the body after a bath or shower in this soft, warm and super luxurious fabric. Cashmere bathrobes are also great for simple days of lounging. Cashmere bathrobes come in short, medium or longer styles. Find a cashmere bathrobe in any finer department store or online for cashmere sales. Shopping around will help you find the best deals in cashmere either early in the season or at the end of the season or holiday.

Cashmere Throws –

Cashmere throws are a perfect and beautiful gift for the whole family. They are particularly warm and soft so are also great for anyone with circulation problems or health problems. Many people won't splurge on the luxury of cashmere and you could be the one to give cashmere throws as a special and unexpected gift.

Cashmere Sweaters –

Cashmere sweaters are probably the most popular gift giving item in this luxury line of gifts. There are cashmere sweaters in every weight and thickness for layering or to wear alone in cooler weather. Cashmere sweaters should drape the body without being too tight. A baggy cashmere sweater shouldn't fit too baggy either. Men and women alike would enjoy any of the cashmere sweaters on the market as a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Women's Cashmere Coats –

Women's cashmere coats are made from the two and three ply fibers to provide warmth and comfort without the bulk, extra weight and won't itch the way inferior wool fabrics often do. They are perfect for cold outdoor weather and are available in short, medium or long lengths. Cashmere coats will last for years and are best worn fitted, yet not too tight and without a baggy look to offer the warmth which is the primary reason for a women's cashmere coat.

Cashmere Scarves –

Cashmere scarves made a great gift for any occasion and are sometimes more affordable since they can be made from the one ply fibers. Scarves are useful as a thin layer covering the neck, inside a coat or as an accessory to a fine suit.

Cashmere Gloves –

Many people can use a gift of new cashmere gloves and they will be well received for any occasion. Gloves are most often lined in cashmere and offer super warmth and protection to the hands during cold weather to prevent dryness or chapped hands from winter and harsh winds. You can't go wrong giving a gift of cashmere gloves for yourself or someone on your gift giving list.

Men's Cashmere –

Cashmere is available for men too for a luxurious and special gift. Look for men's cashmere sweater, cashmere scarf, cashmere lined trench coat, cashmere gloves or a warm pair of cashmere socks for total feet pampering. Nothing else feels like cashmere on the body and your loved one will really appreciate any gift in cashmere.

Shopping for Cashmere Gifts –

Find cashmere gifts in any fine department store and discount apparel stores as well as online. Many times department stores are great for window shopping and price comparison. Online stores that carry cashmere gifts often offer free shipping, sales and a further discount with multiple purchases. Find a cashmere boutique that specializes in cashmere for a huge selection of clothing and accessories. Shop around for the best deals and buy cashmere as a gift for yourself and someone else. Good luck with your shopping venture and get some cashmere for as a special gift from you to you!

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