Rooney Mara is Exceptional

Here is a review of the 2011 version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The year is specified because there is a 2009 European version as well and it should also be noted that this film is based on a 3 part trilogy written by Swedish author Stieg Larsson and unfortunately these books were not read before watching this film:

I wouldn't recommend seeing this with your kids or your parents. There are some very uncomfortable scenes in this movie and it could possibly ruin your evening or even your life if you watch them with a parent/ child.

Three actors seemed familiar throughout this movie but I couldn't figure out
1. The girl with the dragon tattoo - is from The Social Network - Erica Albright in the firm few scenes of the movie.
2. Mikaels Boss - is from Princess Bride
3. Guy who hired Lisabth - is from ER, but cut his hair short.

This movie is a suspenseful murder mystery with a lot of dark secrets. Lisabeth has a dark personality but you come to really like her by the end. She is smarter than everyone she meets and has a very dry sense of humor that brings a lot to the movie that is otherwise all dark and depressing. I like Mikael's character as well, it was well acted and believable although I didn't really get the whole daughter relationship because it never really changed who he was in the end.

There are a lot of names to keep track of.  When you finally learn who is responsible, you aren't really that surprised because the character development of that person suggested he/she was creepy. Daniel Craig does a good job in this film but I have trouble picturing him in anything but James Bond roles, perhaps it was because he was always well dressed and driving nice cars in this film.

A very entertaining movie that spends 2 hours building towards a climax that ultimately leaves you satisfied but not in complete shock. I am looking toward to the second and third installments of these movies, a great performance by lead actress Rooney Mara.