Tinder profile tips for girls
Credit: jhaymesisviphotography (Flickr) via http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Tinder.  If this is the first time you're hearing of the dating app then I fear you are succombing to the suffocation resulting from your head being stuck too far up your significant others rear end.  All jokes aside, tinder is spreading like fire.  If you're 18-35 and single (or in a relationship) then there's a good chance you're on tinder.  Do a quick google search and you'll find that there is plenty of advice out there for dudes looking to score on tinder.  Shocking, I know.  But what about the ladies?  Surely, they want increase their "matches" too.  After all, more matches equals more dates (or one-night stands) or whatever else you might be looking for. 

Due to the lack of advice out there for the ladies, I took it upon myself to write an article with tinder profile tips for girls.  Yes, I'm a guy, but that makes me the ultimate authority on the subject.  I have roommates and friends who spend entirely too much time using the app and consequently I've seen thousands of female tinder profiles (it's reaching an arguably scientific level of research at this point).  So, without further ado, here are my tinder profile tips for girls.

Take It Easy With The Selfies

Let me start by saying that if your profile contains ONLY selfies in various poses/outifts that's a HUGE red flag and probably an immediate left-swipe (i.e. rejection).  It doesn't matter how attractive you are.  When a guy sees a profile of only selfies his immediate thoughts are: where are this girl's friends? She's probably got a hint of the crazy.  Personally, just one selfie is a deal breaker for me. 

Avoid Too Many Group Shots

One group shot of you and your pretty friends is helpful.  Don't be the person who includes ONLY group shots.  It shouldn't take a investigative team (a guy and his buddy) conducting a systematic process of elimination to figure out which one is you. 

Don't Include Pictures With Guys

Can't tell you how many times I've come across a girl's profile that resembles an egagement photoshoot.  I mean what is the deal with that?  If you're newly single, don't you have ANY pictures without your ex?  Perhaps you're still in a relationship but looking for some extracurricular activity?  In that case, thanks, but no thanks.  Guys aren't interested in having your angry boyfriend show up looking for you.  That doesn't turn out well for anyone. 

Tone Down the Promiscuous Photos

One or two bikini shots is fine, especially if you have the goods to show off.  Any more than that and you're throwing out a vibe that screams "loose morals" and other similar connotations.  As you probably know this rarely deters guys, however, just be aware of what those guys will have in mind after you match. 

Keep The Writing To A Minimum

It's nice that you're aspiring to be a nurse and you have a favorite motivational quote, but guys generally don't care.  Cap the writing at a sentence or two.  Nothing further is getting read anyway.  Tinder is all about the pictures, don't fool yourself.  If you find yourself on a tinder date, that's when you can discuss your impressive ambitions in life.