Where Can I Get Free Money From The Rich To Pay My Bills?

In need of emergency cash to get by, pay your rent or buy the necessities of life?  Well, there may be help for you even if you have bad credit.  The Giving Pledge is an organization that encourages rich people and billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to give away half or more of their money to charities or the poor.  This is a very big deal, because the government can do so much to help the poor.  When rich people such as these reach out and give a helping hand it inspires others to help their neighbor who may be having financial difficulty. 

As of April 2011, more than 69 of the world's wealthiest people have pledges over $125 billion to varies organization be donated to the poor and needy.  Warren Buffet, one of the members of The Giving Pledge organization hopes to meet with other wealthy donors in India and China, hoping that they will follow the lead of the United States to give away 50 percent or more of their income to help the poor.


An article about "The Giving Pledge" appeared in the Non-Profit Times in December, 2010.  You can get a copy of the Giving Plege article from Amazon.

The Giving Pledge: Rich People Who Give Away Money To The PoorCredit: Amazon.com

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The Giving Pledge website states "While the Giving Pledge is specifically focused on billionaires, the idea takes its inspiration from efforts in the past and at present that encourage and recognize givers of all financial means and backgrounds. We are inspired by the example set by millions of Americans who give generously (and often at great personal sacrifice) to make the world a better place." 

If you need financial help in a hurry many of the people sign up with The Giving Pledge already donate a good portion of their money to the poor, you can perhaps contact The Giving Pledge to find out what organizations they donate to so you can get the emergency cash help you need. You will then need to petition these organizations for money to help you in your times of need. Many of these organizations have a standard procedure for you to follow in order for you to qualify for financial help, so you will need to read their policies and procedures very carefully before putting in your financial aid application. There are also online grant systems that you can fill out to see if you qualify for help.

You may also look into other resources such as peer to peer lending.  With peer to peer lending, the credit requirements are a little more relaxed because you are dealing with your own peer, they are more lenient when dealing with high risk loans from individuals with bad credit.  Prosper.com or The Lending Club, which are good sources for high risk loans from your peers who have money to lend you.

The Giving Pledge, though fairly new promises to be a great resource for people looking for emergency cash to get themselves out of debt or to pay urgent bills.  The fact that these Billionaires are doing this is a great testament and their generosity will help a great deal of poor people who desperately need emergency cash to help them make ends meet.





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