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wide variety of classes for a different experience every time

helpful friendly instructors

fun artsy vibe

very convenient location literally right next to the N/Q train


monthly membership is a bit expensive, especially given that it's Astoria, not Manhattan

not enough changing room facilities

Full Review

If you are looking for a yoga studio in Astoria, Queens, NYC, The Giving Tree is one to consider.

Although I've never taken the plunge as a montly member (I decided to join a studio in Midtown Manhattan because it's closer to work), I really enjoyed my classes at The Giving Tree yoga studio in Astoria, NYC.

The Giving Tree yoga studio offers an either/or special for new students. You have the option of either taking 3 classes for $25, or introductory montly membership for $80. I took the 3 classes for $25.

The first class I visited was Hatha Yoga with Catherine, more fast-paced than a beginner class, but slower than a mid-level class. The instructor was friendly and sweet. The class was pretty full, with students who had been coming on a regular basis.

The second class I visited was a Core and Restore class, a combination of core training followed by restorative yoga. Given that I had never taken a pilates class, the core component was quite rigorous. This instructor was very nice, but not afraid to make us sweat! Yet that made the restorative part even more rewarding.

The third class I visited was Pilates with Juliana. Although most of the class members had been taking pilates for awhile, I felt like I was able to keep up because the instructor was very helpful.

The instructors do tend to play music during class, which may or may not suit everyone's taste, but it's never bothered me.

The Giving Tree Yoga studio has a fun, artsy vibe. The studio and check-in desk are all in one big room with hardwood floors, giving it an open, spacious feeling. I do wish there were more changing room facilities, but if you are local, then I recommend just showing up to class in your yoga clothes, and changing when you get home.

In Closing

The Giving Tree Yoga studio in Astoria, NYC is a lovely place with a wide variety of classes to suit everyone's taste. I like the fact that you can try a slow-paced class one day, a heavy vinyasa another day, and pilates another day. It would save me from having to join both a yoga and a pilates studio.

I have not tried the other studios in Astoria, NYC such as the Yoga Room, Yoga Agora, or Creative Vibrations, so I can't really compare. Still, I was very pleased with my experience at the Giving Tree Yoga studio.