The South India's Splendor and Pride

The Golden Chariot Train – The South India’s Splendor and Pride

South India is steeped in rich culture, values, traditions, historical monuments and natural wonders. Throughout the history, the region’s rich heritage has been constantly nurtured and patronized by the great empires and ruling dynasties. These kings richly contributed to the heritage, culture and traditions of their kingdom; resulting in the par excellence monuments, palaces and temples. More than that, these rulers left a deep etched impression of their grandeur and lifestyle through their absolute indulgence, flamboyance, refined tastes and artistic inclinations. Some of them were poets, painters, and visionary architects by hobby and contributed to the richness of the land through their distinct impressions.

If you think that these royal impressions are imprinted only in the history of the land, then you must not have heard about the Golden Chariot. This is not just a carriage designed for southern royalty, but an upholder of its ultimate royal legacy. This is the first and the only luxury train brand chugging through the Indian peninsular region in a celebrated royal way.

Named on the historic ‘stone chariot’ in Hampi, this train is a culmination of two gilded journeys. The first journey, 'Pride of South' concentrates towards illustrating the timeless towns hewn out of boulders, cave temples, finest cities, palaces and other vibrant experiences in its signature presentation. The second one, 'Southern Splendor' is a scenic journey across varying landscapes and wonders of the region through its temples, palaces, beaches, backwaters and a share of reminiscent heritage.

Both the trains routes of the Golden Chariot train add on to the bejewelled beauty and subtle charm of south India and present the region’s seasoned heritage. Bedecked with indulgence on-board and off-board heritage excursions, this prized journey offers a golden experience of life.

The train’s regal ambience is recreated on the Mysore and Hoysala schools of architecture, which were the prominent kingdoms of South India. The interiors of the 44 thematic accommodations glorify the rich golden kingdoms. Fused with modern comforts, these plush suites narrate the perfect setting of the chosen kingdoms. The ardent attendants are appointed to serve the indulgent wishes of the passengers throughout the selective journey.

The two specialty restaurants aboard, Ruchi and Nalapaka with butler assistance, provide a fine dining experience to the passengers. Every day, the menu of these restaurants is kept as per the delicacies of en-route states / destinations. This is done to provide a complete and exclusive experience to the royal traveller.

Inspired by the divine drink, ‘Madira’, the lounge offers the heavenly comforts and leisure options to the travellers during the pleasurable hours on-board. Inside the palatial paramount of the lounge, the travelers indulge in the sparkling company of the finest wines and spirits.

The health section of this train has the state of the art gymnasium and Arogya spa. At this holistic spa, passengers are treated with the rejuvenating oils, aromas and royal therapies to relieve the stress and soothe the soul. The gym also is equipped with the modern exercise equipment for different kinds of workouts on-board.

Here, luxury is not an adjective, its a way of life; that can be experienced through a jovial reception, royal hospitality, enriching day excursions and an overall wrap of opulence through on-board attractions in a splendid way.