It seems that everybody and their brother want to work for themselves these days.  There are over 23 million small businesses alone in the United States.  Each one of these business owners has a dream of success in some form or another.  They don’t start out big.  They don’t get “big” overnight and they toil away unnoticed for hours on end each day while trying to get established enough to support themselves and their families.

Are you one of those people that want to be in control of your own destiny?  Do you have enough courage to step out of the rat race and begin doing what you really love?  If you do then read on and learn what’s really important in establishing your success in today’s job-starved society.

How To Make Money Online was a search term used on Google last month that resulted in search results totaling 392 million.  What does that tell you?  Well, I would think that it tells you there are millions and millions of people that want to start their own home based business online and that they are actively seeking ways to do it.

If you are a work- at- home seeker then the following information will be very helpful to you.  It is, quite simply put, “get off your butt and do something” valuable information that when followed with dedication and perseverance you really have to screw it up to fail.  So, let’s get started.

An online business that allows you to work at home and make money online while offering the freedom to spend time with your family and enjoy some of the finer things in life really isn’t difficult.  But, be warned, it can be demanding and you must have the personality of an entrepreneur to see the task before you to its final successful conclusion.  Don’t worry though because I’m going to share 5 steps that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.


Before you can even begin to make money online with your internet business you must determine what area of business best suits you.  If you go back to your childhood days and remember the story of Goldilocks you’ll see that she was more than a little particular in her choices and you must be also.  You have to find the business that is “just right.”  It isn’t difficult to do but it does take some time.  If you’re the kind of person that has no patience and just wants to jump head long into a business online then perhaps you should reconsider your venture into the online business world.  If you begin on the wrong foot you’ll always be on the wrong foot so take care to make the right decision the first time out of the gate.

STEP 1. 

Ask yourself “What do I really, really, really enjoy doing in my spare time?  This could be the basis of your new online business.  If you work at something you love then it really isn’t work at all it is play time and you get to do it sixteen hours a day.  Who knows you might even look forward to getting out of bed each morning so you can “go to work” right down the hall in your “office.”  Millions of people do it each day.  Why shouldn’t you, right?  There is an old saying that says “if you do something you love for a living you’ll never work another day.”

 STEP 2.

You are probably saying to yourself right now “I don’t have anything to sell.”  In truth that really doesn’t matter.  You can use affiliate sales as your beginner’s base to get established in your online business and then expand once you’ve learned the ropes.  Affiliate sales are not difficult to get and there are many sources from which you can chose just the right product to “sell.”  Best of all you don’t have anything to after your affiliate product has been purchased.  You only need to go to your bank and withdraw the funds.  Even the refund and complaint process is handled by someone other than you.  How great is that?


This step can appear to be a little daunting but it really isn’t.  Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to do as an online business you have to actually set it up.   Many ways have been developed over the past few years that make it a quick, simple and painless procedure.

First off you should develop an online presence by setting up a web page or a blog.  A blog is easier and the best part is that it is free.  Simply go to Google, create your business or blog name, fill in a few easy questions on their form and you’re ready to publish to the world.

Your new blog should be treated as though it is your sales window to the world.  The idea is to get people (spelled prospects) into your store so you can provide them with whatever it is you are offering.  You don’t want to reveal everything that you do on your blog or you’ll take the curiosity factor out of it.  You want them to “come on in” so you can do your presentation (sales pitch) to them up close and personal.  If you reveal too much they’ll make a decision without you and never give you a fair chance to tell them how special and unique your service or product really is.  This is not a good thing.

When “blogging” be sure to add at least one post per day and stay on topic.  If you’re selling sea shells then don’t try to introduce the newest computer that has just hit the market.  People that are searching for sea shells care nothing about the new computer and they will leave your site.  You must establish yourself as an expert in your field.  And you are because it is what you love that you’ve chosen as your business.

Now if you decide that you would rather have a web page rather than a blog that is okay.  But be warned it does involve some monthly cost and you should ask yourself if you want to spend money you haven’t yet earned.  Although I do have a web-site and a few blogs under my belt I didn’t have a web site for almost five years while I established by web presence and some sales.  It is of course totally up to you.  There are services you can use to help you set up your web site and some are even free but you get what you do or don’t pay for.


Even if you don’t sell anything on your blog or web site right away you can still make money from it.  Google offers a service called Ad-Sense.  They will pay you to put ads on your site and when someone clicks on the site that is displayed you make a few cents.  Now that might not seem like a lot of money but when you consider how many people could click on any ad you’ll be surprised at some of the totals you could earn each month.  Many web site and blog owners make tens of thousands of dollars every month just from the Ad-Sense ads they are displaying.


By now I’m sure you are beginning to think that this make money online thing is a little bit scary.  You could even be thinking that perhaps it isn’t for you.  That’s okay.  We’ve all gone through this stage in our online businesses.  Though it sounds difficult it really isn’t.  If you can write, talk and type a little bit you’ll be just fine.  The next step is to establish yourself as an authority on your subject matter (business). 

Here is a way to expose your business to the world.  Write articles about your business and the product you excel in and then post them to article submission sites.  There are literally thousands of them online and they depend on fresh content each day.  You can’t blatantly “sell” in your article but you can direct them to your web site or blog in the “signature” line at the end of your article.  This is a way to get totally free exposure and traffic to you site.  All the big guns use this method to help establish their businesses online.

I must tell you that simply sitting down each day and cranking out article after article isn’t the right way to promote your business.  Focus on quality writing over a quantity.  If your articles are based on solid research and touch the emotions of the reader you don’t have to submit hundreds of articles.  Just a few well written ones will do the trick.


It is tempting to run right out and begin to buy all sorts of office furniture, new computers, paper, stapler, shredder and the latest home office gadgets when you first decide to set up shop.  Don’t do it!  It is likely that you already have everything you need to begin working at home stashed away in a corner somewhere.  All you really need is ambition, a fold-up table and a computer with a word processing program on it and you’ll be able to get started right away.  Ask yourself this; who is going to come to your “office” and see where you work?”  The answer, if you’re working online, is nobody.  There won’t be cars lined up down the street with customers in them waiting to see you.  Generally you’ll be working alone in a small room that is hardly big enough for you and your computer.  If you need some place to store your paper and printed materials, disks etc. simply get a cardboard box, label it and use that until you get established enough to begin buying some nicer things.  Of course having all the newest gadgets etc. is nice but to start with you’ll be wasting your time and money.  It takes a long time to begin to make the kind of money you’re hoping to generate.  You can wait on the fancy stuff until later.  For now concentrate on the basics of your new venture.  Be excited in your mind and know that someday you’ll have all the trappings of the “office environment.”  For now you don’t need them.

Well, there you have it.  You are now in business by and for yourself.  If you follow the 5-step process when you first begin your journey and save your money by not rushing out to buy office furniture you don’t yet need you will have a certain degree of success right out of the block.  No, you’re not going to make a million dollars over night but eventually you could.  So the only thing stopping you now is the choices you make.  If you’re anything like Goldilocks you will find the one that is “just right” and live happily ever after.