Did you know that there are about 19 (!) types of men that bad for women, but only three that are good?

Here are some of the most common so that you'll be able to make better choices:A manly assortment

The Bad

The hustler (or booty hound) is after one thing only-sex!

He's often a good dresser who's physically fit or thinks he is, tries to stay young and often drives a sports car. He lives in an apartment or condo (which may have a lot of mirrors) and rarely mentions his family-or is actually already married!

Intense, Crazy man-He does everything to extremes. But he's so magnetic you may end up surrendering your whole life to him. He doesn't have much money, is often angry at family members, probably smokes and forgets to eat. He seems tired most of the time and is a secretive loner.

The woman hater-He pursues you relentlessly and treats you royally. But after he gets you, everything that was great about you isn't anymore. This guy may charge his credit cards to the limit and own several versions of the same item, He doesn't want to be a parent and may be estranged from his family.

The manipulator-He's kind (or appears to be) and makes a great impression on others, but things always tend to go his way-and only his way. He likes to run the show early. He likes kids, but wants to control them and is very protective of family members.

The escape artist ("Houdini")-This guy comes on like gangbusters, sweeping you off your feet. Then, about six weeks later (if not sooner), there's a million reasons why he can't see you, or he just pulls a great disappearing act.

This type often gets a lot of phone calls from women and may dress in an unusual combination of styles.

The Good

Loving, but limited (not necessarily a bad thing)-He's very independent and wants a woman who is, too. He's romantic, thoughtful and often quiet. He thinks of himself as logical and rational. He dresses to perfection, takes good care of his car and lives in a very comfortable home. He may want no children because they're time consuming.

Loving, many-faceted-Most women seem to want this type. He's an equal pal and partner who shares on every level and has many interests. He believes he's the greatest at whatever he does and has had many career changes. His home is his nesting place, he spends money freely and wants to be a father. He enjoys people, but isn't particularly close to any one person.

Loving, traditional-The most important thing in his life is his woman; this type wants a good home and family more than anything else.

He's a conservative dresser, has good manners and likes order. He also likes practical cars, is careful with money and relies on you to keep him healthy by providing nutritious meals.