The Goonies with Sloth





Action packed

Good cast

Good Characters

Good Story


A little dated now

Full Review

Produced and released to cinema audiences in 1985 The Goonies is essentially a children's film. It could also be classed as family entertainment or a film for young people. That said it is one of those films that may appeal to a huge range of people.

A little of the plot summary, with no spoilers.

A group of children, who are friends, are facing the prospect of being uprooted from their homes and school. The area where they live looks set to be sold to a conglomerate, which intends to re-develop the whole area. Obviously, these children are not happy at the thought of this. After all, they are content living where they do now.

When the group of kids are together at young Mikey Walsh's home, Mikey happens upon what appears to be an old treasure map. The group decide to try to find the hidden treasure, as they believe it could solve the town's problems.

This task will not be easy as the location of the treasure involves searching underground. This is not the end of the children's problems though. In order to access the area, where they can begin to search for the treasure, they will need to gain entry to someone's property. This is currently the home of the local family of crooks, the Fratelli family.

The Goonies

The Goonies is the name that the children have for their gang.

The Goonies film is a fun filled family adventure. There are many laughs along on the way. Plenty of these are supplied by one of the children, Chunk, played by Jeff Cohen, and Sloth Fratelli, played by John Matuzsak. Chunk ends up separated from the other children and is accompanied on his journey by the strange looking Sloth.

There is a young Asian boy who seems to be loosely based on a character in one of the Indiana Jones films. This young boy is a clever child who has various pieces of complicated equipment attached to him.

With a girl in tow, the Goonies are complete.

The Fratelli family men are reminiscent of the villains in Home Alone, but of course, that film came later. Perhaps the Fratellis inspired the creation of the rogues in Home Alone.

The cast includes:-

Corey Feldman

Sean Astin

Josh Brolin

Of course, as this film is currently 24 years old the child stars will be adults now. Some have carried on to fame and fortune and others have disappeared into obscurity.

The story is by Steven Spielberg and the screenplay is by Chris Columbus. These two people would not have been quite as famous in 1985 as now but they already had established good reputations in the world of film.

In Closing


The Goonies seems to have elements of various children films. The music, story and characters fit together well but seem oddly familiar in parts. This is mainly due to the influence of Steven Spielberg, and his other great films.

In some ways, very old films seem less dated than movies of the 80s. Perhaps with time those earlier films have become classics. Whatever the reason The Goonies is a little dated in parts. However, if you want good, clean family fun and adventure it should fit the bill perfectly.