Find It When You Need It

Have you ever been bitten by the crafting bug, only to spend all your time and energy searching for the necessary tools or materials to begin? That scenario, unfortunately, has occurred in my home a number of times. Sometimes I will purchase an item on an impulse, intending to use it for some unknown future project, and then put it away in the garage or a closet. I'll eventually forget about it and later, when I finally get around to starting up a project, I won't be able to find what I need. I spend so much time searching for my craft items that I eventually get frustrated and give-up. In addition, sometimes while searching, I'll come across items I'd forgotten about and could've used in a past project. Frustrating!

Being organized can save money and time. If you’re not organized you are apt to waist money purchasing materials you already have, but forgot about. In addition, you will also waist precious time searching for items you need but forgot where you put them. Even if you have a special drawer or cabinet for all your crafting items, if they're not organized, you can waist time looking through everything to get to the one thing you need. If that's not enough, when you take everything out, you then have to put everything back. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

The Grab N' Go Rack System - The Organizer for Crafty People

Creative Options 1354-87 Grab N' Go Rack System with 4 No.2-3500 Pro-Latch Utility Organizers
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(price as of Jul 11, 2015)
Find everything you need when you need it.

Easy and Secure Storage

Whether you're a serious crafter or a person who enjoys creating something every now and again, when the urge strikes, you need an organizer to store all your tools and supplies. The Grab N' Go Rack System is my favorite storage organizer for all my crafting needs. You can keep crafting tools in the large storage section. Store items such as scissors, hot glue gun, hole punch, tape, pliers, paint brushes, decoupage glue, sewing kit, utility knife and whatever else you may have. In addition, the adjustable compartments can be used for craft paper, rulers, tape measure, twine, bags, felt squares, beads, scrapbooking embellishments, photos for crafts, colored pencils, and any other small or flat items you use.

darn household sewing needle scissors thread tool
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Make Craft Time Easy

I like this organizer because the colors are bright. The brilliant pink top is easy to spot and it is equipped with a locking latch to keep everything safely inside. The storage unit is a light yellowish-green and holds all the compartments in place. Each compartment is clear with bright pink latches.

This colorful organizer holds all my crafting needs so I don't have to search everywhere to find tools or supplies. I'm happy to start a new craft project because I have everything I need all in one organized place. In addition, if I happen to come across something that will make the perfect item for a future craft, I can purchase it and store safely in this organizer. Then, when I'm ready to begin my newest craft, I'll know exactly where my perfect item is. Make crafting easy with this effective item.

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