Fishing In The Sunset!

Being a fan of fishing, I recently came across a forum discussing which type of fishing was better. The members of this forum were debating between bait fishing and fly fishing and which type of fishing requires more skill. Both sides had some really good arguments and throughout the rest of this article I will be sharing points from both sides of the argument against both sides

Argument against Bait Fishing

Have you ever heard the term called “baithead”? Well that is what avid fly fisherman call bait fisherman. Fly fisherman in the forum where saying bait fishing is no different the setting a trap for the fish and then waiting for the fish to take the bait. “They never catch and release, and that is what a real fisherman does. A  three-year old could put cheese on a hook and drop it into water ”, flyforlife47 said. “Bait fisherman do not care about good outdoors.  They are always leaving their trash on the banks”, nobait75 said.

Argument against Fly Fishing

In this forum, the only argument against fly fishing, was the cost associated into getting into the sport. “You have to buy float tube, and flies, a stupid hat and vest, and expensive waiters. I call fly fishing for the corporation, so you will never catch me in a stupid hat, vest, and rubber boots.”, Baitisbetterthanyourmom80 said.

There are points to from both side, but my favorite quote came user Mark Berookim, a Data Analyst at IBM based out of Omaha Nebraska. Mark said, “You know anything that keeps my mind off the stressful work load I have each week is good. Fly fishing or bait fishing, it does not matter.  I would just like to be outdoors and admire the beauty of Mother Nature.”

I have to say I agree with Mark Berookim. We live in such a fast paced world, and sometimes we forget to slow down and take a breather. Fishing does this for me! I love bait, fly, and lure. Sometimes, on private property, I have even used dynamite... I love fishing, or anything that gets me outdoors.