Pie vs. Cake, can't we all get along?

The great pie vs. cake debate has raged on the internet and with social circles for years. Why is this such a heated topic? It's because usually for dessert there is only one of the two options. This article will talk about why pie and cake are so desirable for people and how we can learn to cope with each other on this hot debate.

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Pie is very popular with all ages and types of people because of the wide variety of flavors and ways it comes in. There are fruit varieties like apple or blueberry pie, and more fun flavors like pumpkin or coconut cream pie. Many people can enjoy pie because the bulk of the contents are enjoyable and depending on how they are made, the crust can make for a delicious crunch or a chewy morsel. Pie is appropriate for a lot of different occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and celebrations. People usually enjoy their pie with some ice cream or whipped cream so the additional options to put on pie is plentiful.

Due to this great debate people have made arguments over the years that pie is more enjoyable over time, as cake quickly dies down in taste and enjoyment as it's in your mouth. There is also the notion that pie is more proportional of the desirable traits like the filling where as cake is just the frosting top and the rest isn't really that good. These are some really good arguments and make great points as to why pie wins on the debate. But now let's look at cake and why cake people say it's far superior.

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Cake is the common dessert of choice for birthday parties and celebrations in a traditional sense due to the high sugar content and general taste of the frosting. While the cake portion itself isn't extremely desirable, the frosting makes up for that and gives it a huge edge. Cake is fairly easy to make compared to pie which is one reason it's more popular. The batter and mix is relatively easy to put together and then simply baking it at a preset temperature and duration will make the cake itself rise and settle in nice and quickly. Some popular types of cake mixes are vanilla, chocolate, banana, and pumpkin to name a few. Adding frosting is a wonderful thing because there are an almost unlimited number of combinations one can think of. There are so many varieties of frosting and in addition to the frosting there is room for more toppings such as sprinkles and candy or fruit like cherries and strawberries. This gives cake the edge over pie is because of customization.

The cake fans make customization their main argument, stating that pie is fixated into certain types that are limited in flavor while cake is fully customizable and can make limitless combinations of flavors. It's also easier to make, giving that an edge for those who don't know how to bake well.

So which is it?

Do a google search on pie vs cake and you will find debates raging even to this day. There are some die hard cake fanatics and others who are pie enthusiasts. Neither will come to an agreement until time itself ceases to be. In my opinion, both are good but it depends on my mood. I won't deny that both of these types of desserts are delicious and desirable after a nice hearty meal, but which one is superior is not a war I want to get involved with. Which is your favorite? Are you a pie fan or a cake fan? Which side do you stand on with the great pie vs cake debate?