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The Great eHow Dilemma

By Edited Nov 13, 2013 3 24

Since removing nearly 150+ of my skillfully crafted articles, one-by-one, from the eHow article submission, revenue sharing, website platform, I have dedicated myself to writing many articles detailing my experience with eHow. While my initial articles were written primary about my own negative personal experience, over the course of roughly 2 months, they have seemingly grown to encompass the sentiments of many emerging disgruntled eHow users. Near the end of this article, I have included a list of the articles I have written for the intellectual consumption of anyone who so chooses to read them, and embrace the near heart wrenching reality they convey.

Whether you read my articles or not, I only ask that you read the multitude of Info Barrel user comments that have been posted at the tail end of these articles.

Most may have become accustomed to reading my, oftentimes rehashed, articles written about how the eHow website platform has seemingly succumbed to shady business practices that, in my honest and humble opinion, stem from the highest echelons of eHow management. While I admit that 'no company is perfect', and that I have not 'spent a day walking in their shoes', it is the clear and utter disregard for their very own users that destine eHow for some rather uncertain times, as it struggles to maintain its stranglehold on a booming industry that simply has more to offer in so many ways.

Don't just take my word for it.

Rather than bash eHow with baseless comments, that can be easily construed as being voiced by yet "another disgruntled user", I have chosen to let the comments of the most elite, and influential, eHow members speak for me in order to fully substantiate the warning signs that I truly hope many online writers will pay attention to. Initially, I had hoped that my series of articles would serve as a vocal demonstration of general user concern that could be embraced by eHow, the company, and simply changed with little harm or foul. To eHow, even a casual Google search is sure to turn up blog post, after blog post, that fully embodies this collective disgruntlement of users who feel as if they have been subjected to the widest gauntlet of human mistreatment and neglect.

It is for the work at home moms, and struggling college students, that I have been writing these posts.

With nearly 300,000+ articles currently uploaded to eHow, along with a user base of several thousand people worldwide, clearly eHow has done something right. They have obtained 'the' highest ranking for a "How-to" website platform, in an industry that is booming with some of the most innovative and powerful entrepreneurs who are constantly seeking to dethrone the leading competitor in their chosen industry. This inherent competition is cyclical, and healthy, as it is the hope of many that this very competition will cause a company to constantly evolve to better meet the needs of users.

Unfortunately, either eHow truly doesn't care what its very users think, it is run by very poor management, or it has completely disregarded the needs of the 'few' for the revenue making potential of a website that has clearly grown beyond its own ability to maintain it.

User glitch after painful user glitch, as documented in some of the most prominent blogs on cyberspace, only serve to validate that eHow doesn't appear to have a very tight reign on its ship whatsoever. For a freelance writer, who dedicates hours upon hours towards refining my craft, I have quite a bit of difficulty now entrusting any of my precious hard work, and time, into producing extremely high quality content to eHow.

If eHow has taught me one thing, however, it is to continually ensure that backups of my articles are saved to an external Microsoft Word document, prior to submission.

Where disgruntlement and uncertainty abound, many eHow writers have reached the cross roads of a painfully brutal reality. Do they leave their articles posted to eHow, with hopes that they will not fall prey to yet another round of vague feedback, and disenfranchisement, produced by their occasional massive and infamous, site-wide "article sweeps"? or do these very users sever their ties with eHow altogether?

Sadly, this dilemma reaches much deeper to the core of each individual, and portrays a picture similar to that of an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, eHow users have simply come to accept the many flaws and glitches of this platform, as their very skillfully crafted articles teeter on the balance between high earning's potential, and inexistence (with little, to no, feedback, on how they can change, improve, and make their articles better). In the last few weeks, it has not been so uncommon as to hear users constantly detail how their "top-earning" articles have been removed from the eHow platform.

Now, to revisit the plight of the work at home mother, or the struggling college student, this dilemma reaches deep down to their very livelihood. As many have invested themselves fully into eHow, do they now take a leap of faith by removing their articles from eHow, and placing them on another similar website, with hopes that they will earn, or, do they leave their articles posted to eHow, in hopes that they won't succumb to the same fate that many other user's articles have succumbed to with each 'article sweep'?

This choice is difficult, however, it is one that many people must be made aware of. For eHow, they can either listen to the voices of their users, adapt, and move forward, or they can continue on the road that they have been: one filled with unclear user guidelines, little to no transparency regarding earning's allocation, and nearly inexistent customer service. Unfortunately, with article after article written, there is no indication that they will ever change. As new, and innovative website platforms emerge, such as Info Barrel, even the most devout of long term eHow users have found refuge beyond the confines of eHow.

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If you have had any experience with eHow, whether positive or negative, it would be an absolute honor to have you join the other commenters, with a comment of your own, on one (or all) of my articles listed below:
1) Have You Moved Your Articles from eHow to Info Barrel Yet?

2) Info Barrel Versus eHow

3) What has Your eHow Experience Been Like?

4) Unresolved Questions about the eHow Website Platform

5) Will Info Barrel Surpass eHow?

6) Is eHow Failing it's Users?

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Nov 15, 2009 11:30pm
Great article, Howie.

Constant bugs, glitches, and a total lack of customer support... What's not to love about eHow?
Nov 15, 2009 11:34pm
I guess one of the reasons I keep writing these posts, Jason, is because, well, it just simply boggles my mind........it boggles my mind that eHow has achieved such a high ranking, yet, it has upset so many people. I mean, it's expected for companies to have isolated incidents of people who are disgruntled, but, I must have read 10-15 different blogs today that detail similar happenings.....

it's heart breaking...but, on an upside, in my honest and humble opinion, all Info Barrel has to do is address these very things (that eHow neglects) and they may be on their way to giving eHow a run for their money....it will be very interesting to see, indeed...

MANY eHow users have already flocked to Info Barrel....I wonder if eHow has noticed this yet? :-/
Nov 16, 2009 5:51am
Great article and as for your question about E-how having noticed its "users" have left and gone to Info Barrel? I don't think they care. I am a believer that they are working towards no users. That eventually there will be all paid writers or contributing writers. It looks as if they are headed that way.
Nov 16, 2009 5:54am
I don't see eHow lasting for much longer....I know it is an absolutely HUGE website with well over 300,000+ articles, but, it just falls short in so many areas that, I believe, Info Barrel excels at...

And, Info Barrel will be getting a forum in the next few weeks....I think that, alone, will be an AWESOME addition to Info Barrel that fosters alot of great writers and high quality content....
Nov 16, 2009 7:33am
It's going to be nice to have a forum and I think that it can only bring more people to Info Barrel. I guess it depends on what you mean by E-How not lasting much longer. I can certainly see that Info Barrel will pass them though.
Nov 16, 2009 7:55am
It's hard to know exactly what will happen because eHow has managed to establish itself so well....it's developed a brand that is almost as identifiable as that of Wikipedia/Facebook/etc....Info Barrel certainly has its work cut out for it, however, I do see Info Barrel being a huge and legitimate competitor...
Nov 17, 2009 2:03am
I think it's hard for people to leave because their comfortable! I still write a few articles here and there because right now I'm making more money over there.I hate to say it but it's true. The system is really bad though! I didn't know Info Barrel was getting a forum soon, that will be great. Internal messaging would be nice also! :) This is another great article Howie!!!!
Nov 17, 2009 6:56am
The forum will be GREAT, EmyLu! I have spoken to Kevin and Ryan about this....and, they have it on their white board of things "to-do"....I think Info Barrel is slowly, yet surely, becoming the hottest hangout, and, with time, I think it'll gain a HUGE following....
Nov 17, 2009 11:58am
Wow, interesting. Thanks for your enlightening article. Will forward this to a friend who just lost her first 3 articles on the other site. I lost my top visited and best earner recently too. Better luck here I hope.
Nov 18, 2009 5:50pm
The reason I found this place is because I signed up for Ehow. Before writing anything for them, I went to their forums. I saw how many people seemed to be a tad bit unhappy with what was going on there. I then stumbled onto a thread about this place. So I thank Ehow and it's members for turning me onto this place, and I'm happy that I did not have to experience any of the lows over there.
Nov 18, 2009 9:09pm
eHow is the last revenue sharing site I would recommend to anyone. InfoBarrel will do extremely well. InfoBarrel provides a great platform and community focused community for writers of all kinds. I'm biting my tongue (fingers) holding back from writing more about eHow . . . DS and the rest of that crowd.

Ron aka LANWANMAN, Ocala, Florida USA
Nov 19, 2009 8:46am
I was considering joining eHow and am glad I read your article. Very imformative. I love InfoBarrel. I have only been here less than a week but already I know I love it here. Won't even consider eHow now. Thanks so much.
Nov 19, 2009 9:11am
It's great to have you here fishtiger58!....I've actually written a series of about 10-15 similar articles here.....have you gotten the chance to read those, as well?

--Howie (x3xsolxdierx3x)
Nov 19, 2009 10:46am
No I haven't, but I will. And thank you glad to be here.
Nov 30, 2009 11:13am
eHow lost my support long ago when they started removing my articles with no explanation whatsoever. A group of unhappy authors - including myself - compalined to the BBB and had their grade lowered.

eHow and Demand media obviously have no respect for their authors. They seem to be in existence only for themselves and their investors.

Pretty sad.
Nov 30, 2009 3:46pm
All of this information is so true. I have over 100 articles still on eHow, but I only earn about 12.00 a month! It's just so random. I think part of my problem, too is that I am not very good at marketing my articles, but I'm sure I can get better at it with the help of my friends here. I think I still make payout over there simply due to the quanitiy of articles I have, at least until they remove my stuff! I hope it works the same here, but I have seen no increase in my balance over at Google adsense or on Chitika. How long do I wait?
I also struggle with the decision to move my articles to Info Barrel, but something else holds me back. I have a bunch of my eHow articles also on Hellium.com, and that is a site that doesn't let you remove articles at all! You have to request that artilces are removed, and it takes time. I do earn on that site, too, so now what do I do?
I guess that I am just going to write my new stuff here. I found this to be a very friendly site, and I don't mind at all that articles have to be approved before they are posted. At least that way you don't get all of the junk articles that you see on eHow. 300,000 articles may be availible on the site, but some of them are so poorly written that they SHOULD be removed. Really, and article about how to use a Wii is front page news????
Thanks for all of your great articles. I will keep reading, commenting and learning.
Dec 6, 2009 3:57pm
Wow. Just wow. You wrote my story without knowing me. I'm a single mom who invested more than a month of diligent work in the great eHow opportunity, only to be rewarded by $0 earnings, a denial that there was a technical glitch causing mine (and many other members) $0 earnings, with a quiet fix after a month of pounding the eHow forums.

Long story short, I worked long and hard for that $5 average per article residual income I had heard was possible on eHow. If it was ever possible, it's not now. The eHow dream is a nightmare, and it's incredible how many eHow members are still in denial about that.

Forum posts tell a tale of nearly a YEAR of technical glitches that mean it can take countless hours of effort to earn maybe $1 a month for an article that may be deleted at random by a system that labels some truly helpful articles "Spam" while allowing numerous true Spam articles about the dubious site, "NeoBucks" to abound, with affiliate links in place.

As an IT professional with graduate school training, I have to wonder about a system that is constantly plagued by technical glitches, yet that manages to launch a UK site mirror exploiting its writers' articles that it does not pay for when these articles are viewed and ads clicked. (I think it's only fair to assume writers are not paid for these views, as eHow has declined to state whether they are.)

I also have to wonder about this same site managing to launch a mobile "Android" app when their publishing app doesn't even work on a basic level for hundreds of frustrated writers. Writers who pinned their hopes on a bit of residual income from eHow to maybe keep their cars from being repossessed for another month.

Hopefully these eHow writers will soon discover the InfoBarrel opportunity, and the support and integrity they will find here. Bye-bye, eHow, and hello, InfoBarrel!
Dec 7, 2009 1:29pm
I so agree with the above comments, and I plan to start the moving soon. My biggest issue righ now is that I also ahve several of my eHow articles on Bukisia, too, so I have to double delete. Also, Hellium does not allow you delete your articles, so any that I have there cannot be moved either. What a pain.
Dec 7, 2009 1:55pm
Wait...Helium doesn't allow you to delete your articles, ljbinkop? That's like holding your articles hostage....hm....that's VERY shady....Writers should ALWAYS retain the rights to their articles...

....I know that it must have taken me 3+ hours to delete my articles from eHow, because they made it that difficult to remove articles....it was intentionally embedded into their functionality.....

I actually had to go into all my articles, delete each step by replacing it with "Step deleted by User".....I had to go do that with about 150+ articles, because, when I had emailed, they never responded........but, when they had saw that I had mass deleted all my articles, they began to contact me.....hm....they failed to respond to my 5+ previous emails that clearly weren't important enough until I began mass deleting articles, and encouraging others to do the same.....
Dec 7, 2009 7:50pm
Yep, Howie, it's true! I tried to take articles off of Hellium only to find out that they are stuck unless you put in a REQUEST to take them off the site. Since I havn't completely decided to move articles to Info Barrel I just let it hold for a bit. I am just being VERY careful to not just pull articles off of eHow without checking other sites first. One of the things I really like about THIS site is that all of the articles are unique to it, and not just the same crap posted on every writing site that is looking for articles.
I like Hellium, don't get me wrong. I have made some very nice money there, and it is a user-friendly site. Much better than eHow, but they do just accept work from other sites without checking.

I think MY best bet is to just write my new articles here. I have already seen a SMALL jump over at Google, and I was encouraged by Administration to keep writing here to make money.
I have a hard time removing articles too from eHow. I just go all through the edit article wzard and then at the end you can just delete it.

On a funnier note, they got mad at me, too! I got a really nasty note (OOOHH NOOOO!) that I was not allowed to communicate with my friends (through the Messaging system no less...) and ask for people to join Info Barrel! The ironic part is that that is how I found Info Barrel in the first place and it is how I got my two referrals here!
Dec 7, 2009 7:54pm
Roughly how many articles do you have up at eHow right now, ljbinkop?
Dec 8, 2009 7:33am
Still have over 100 over there, but I am earning very little. eHow is very stingy with their revenue sharing, I think! I have had articles on the front page that earned nothing! How does that happen?? I'm moving a few today to see how they fair here!
Jan 6, 2010 1:41pm
With a new year fresh in place I'm going forward with this site with hopes that when InfoBarrel has reached the volume of other sites out there, the founders remember the issues stated here and the reasons people choose to leave a site.
Jan 6, 2010 1:51pm
one thing is for sure, thinkwrite....i've done everything I possibly can to ensure that this staff KNOWS what is expected of them, and, the fact that, if they choose to be successful in this industry, all they really have to do is TRULY listen to their users.....

....i've emailed them....i've actually spoken to them on numerous occasions....i made it a personal decision not to move forward with a site until I had minimized my "risks" to the furthest extent possible....

eHow can serve as a great case study of what NOT to do.
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