The best action/adventure game is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game was created in 2004 but is the best game Grand Theft Auto I've ever played. Grand Theft Auto 4 is the latest Grand Theft Auto game, but San Andreas is better. The story and the characters go perfectly together. It is an amazing game. You play as a guy named Carl Johnson. He went off to Liberty City and his mom died. He returned to San Andreas to meet his brother Sweet and his friends. He had a particularly hard time trying to get the old group back to being on the same page. Another person from Grove Street named Ryder gives Carl an especially hard time. Carl tries his best to prove to Ryder that he can hang with them. Ryder in my opinion is jealous of Carl. Ryder eventually accepts Carl and they hang together. Another of Carl's friends named Big Smoke is interested in the fact that Carl has returned. Big Smoke brings Carl to a guy named Emmet. Emmet is someone who sells guns. He isn't that smart. Carl practices shooting guns and goes home. Sweet soon called Carl after that. He and his girlfriend was being attacked by a Los Santos gang called the Vagos. They live in the hispanic part os Los Santos. Carl saves Sweet and gains a lot of respect in the process. He then goes to jail to pick up a guy named OG LOC. Loc was a sinmple minded person who would get locked up for just about anything. He asks Carl to go kill a guy named Freddie. Freddie was a homosexual. Carl helps Loc kill Freddie and the two become friends. Loc asks Carl to do some favors for him. Og loc workes at a burger place in The bay part of Los Santos. Og loc was a amateur rapper and wanted Carl to go to a famous rapper's mansion and take his rhyme book. Carl does it and gains tons of respect from Loc. Two police officers pick on carl. They don't like him for some reason. They make him do jobs for them and threaten if he didn't that they would put him in jail. Carl does all what he is told. One day the police officers ask Carl to burn down a gang house and he does it. In the process Carl saves a girl. She thanks him and saves that she likes dangerous men. She asks Carl to go out some times and he drops her home. Then the police officers that told Carl to burn the house tells Carl of a train that is filled with guns. He fails to mention that he also told the other gangs as well. They get the guns and go home. They go and kill their enemies called the Ballas. They kill several Ballas and drive back to Grove Street before any cops show up. One day Sweet decides to go raid a hotel, but little do he know that the cops were waiting for him. Ryder gives Carl a machine gun and they kill the cops. The next day a guy made phone call saying that Carl needs to come meet him. Carl goes and sees Ryder and Big smoke working for the enemy. Carl then gets arrested by the cops and is transported to a rural town. He does several jobs and goes to San Fierro. He does more work and decides to learn how to fly. A secret detective teaches him hoe to fly and he goes to Las Venturas. He does sseveral jobs and goes back to Los Santos. The city is in a raid and he decides to go and kill Big Smoke. He kills Big Smoke and a policeman tries to kill him. He kills the policeman relieved that the deed was done. This is a great game. I would recommend it for anyone 12 and up.