For as long as anyone can remember the greatest affirmation will always be names. To verify the accuracy of this statement consider thinking about how you react when someone calls your name. If you’re not convinced yet think about what it would mean if you forgot about your name. It is safe to say that if you really want to believe in yourself the best affirmation is your name. Everyone loves a good secret and what better secret could there ever be besides your name.

Many people around the world are starting to realize how powerful affirmations can be in their everyday lives. If you ever thought about creativity chances are you came across an obstacle called contradiction. Contradictions are the prime reason why the Laws of Cause and Effects take place in the mind. Due to self-deception the mind automatically tries to protect itself from harmful memories by trying to forget.Ying & Yang by @PinewoodPaladinCredit: @PinewoodPaladin

The real big question is how the mind remembers to forget. Now I am not a Neurobiologist but my hypothesis would have to be that the mind labels a thought “forgotten or save for later,” and goes about its business. After all it’s not easy being the Arbitrator of Cause and Effect. Perhaps no thoughts are ever really forgotten at all and are simply attested to be affirmed. Nonetheless the greatest idea to ever consider is your name.

As an experiment, test this idea for yourself the next time you’re feeling low on confidence. Say your name and acknowledge yourself for owning that name. The more you attest & affirm your name the more exulted you will feel about yourself. Sometimes all it takes is remembering oneself in order to restore clarity from uncertainty.

 In case you’re wondering what does attestations have to do with affirmation. The answer is Cause and Effects. Remembering causes are just as important as applying effects. For example, if you have so many options to choose from which one are you going to select? As you can see in order to be convinced you are required to consider.

So, how do you feel when someone calls your name? Depending on whether or not you are called upon too much is irrelevant. Think about the ability to be acknowledged not the probability to be forgotten. With so many alias names try not to forget how powerful and reassuring your real name actually is because it’s your attestation. If I could tell you the greatest thing I remember about memory it is that memory creates time and time expresses our credibility.