The Greatest Motorcycle Mufflers

One of the first modifications that people do to their favorite two-wheeled vehicle is to swap out their factory motorcycle mufflers for ones that will make a deeper, louder, and more aggressive sound. However, this decision may not be as easy as it sounds; with so many brands and models being available in the industry that surrounds aftermarket motorcycle mufflers, one may be left with some confusion on this matter. One of the most effective ways to lower the difficulty that is involved with choosing a new aftermarket part is to be well aware of those brands and models that literally astound those who have installed them. Luckily for the reader, this article lists and describes the most reputable brands of motorcycle mufflers, as well as the most popular models that are available within each brand; use this information properly, and you will surely be absolutely satisfied with the purchase that you have made.

Yoshimura Motorcycle Mufflers

Yoshimura is nearly world famous for the import sound that they produce from the exhaust of a bike. These motorcycle mufflers are designed for use and installation on street bikes only, and come in a large variety of slip on models, as well as full piped models. One of the greatest things about the models that are featured below is that they are relatively inexpensive, and have a phenomenal best bang for your buck ratio.

R55 Stainless Slip On With Carbon Tip

TRC Stainless Slip On

TRC Carbon Slip On

TRC Dual Stainless Bolt Ons

R22 Bling Bolt On

M4 Motorcycle Mufflers

Many people purchase the models from specific brands because they specialize in providing a specific benefit to the vehicle or the rider; M4 motorcycle mufflers specialize in the increase in performance that their models provide to the bike. Although their sound may be simply better than decent, the increased horsepower and throttle response is nothing short pf phenomenal!

Black Slip On

Retro Drag Slip Ons

Titanium GP Slip On With Black Tip

Black SS Slip On

Titanium Single Sided Slip On

Leo Vince Motorcycle Mufflers

One of the main factors that put the models by Leo Vince on the mainstream market was that they produced a very aggressive sound that could not be mistaken for any of the motorcycle mufflers by any other brand. One word that people usually use to describe the type of sound that Leo Vince exhausts make is simply a "growl"; it is as if the animal that resides in your vehicle is suddenly being released into the vast wilderness.

SBK Evo II Aluminum Slip On With Conical End Cap

SBK Evo II Aluminum Slip On Evo II

Single Sided Titanium

Evo II High Mount Carbon Slip On With Carbon Tip

Two Brothers Motorcycle Mufflers

Two Brothers specializes in slip on exhausts that install with relative ease. Their designs are simple, and they tend to only offer the most basic features in their motorcycle mufflers; however, this translates to a decreased price among the products that you may purchase from them. If you are looking for a basic model without any of the extra bells and whistles, then any of the models by Two Brothers will definitely do you well.

M2 V2 VALE Carbon Slip On

M2 VALE Carbon Slip On

M2 Dual Carbon With Gold Rings

Dual Shorty M2

Dual Carbon Under Seat Slip Ons

Akrapovic Motorcycle Mufflers

Akrapovic definitely produces the loudest models that you will ever hear on a two-wheeled vehicle. Out of all of the motorcycle mufflers that they offer, they are word famous for their Megaphone slip on model that seems to nearly deafen anybody that is beside it when the engine revs relatively high. Although their Megaphone slip on model may be the loudest out of the bunch, the others that are listed below still do a great job at producing a loud noise that cannot be mistaken for a model by any other brand.

Megaphone Slip On

Titanium Hex Slip On

Full Titanium System With Titanium Canister

Dual Titanium Hex Caerbon Slip On With Ti Mid Pipe

Although the amount and calibre of brands and models of motorcycle mufflers that are available may be rather intimidating, the right knowledge can easily allow you to effectively tackle the task on hand. However, there are many easier ways to acquire this knowledge than actually testing each model on your own bike. One of the best ways is to use the information that is provided to you throughout this article to your advantage. This article provides the reader with a list of the best brands of motorcycle mufflers, as well as the most popular models within each brand. Use this information to gain the knowledge that is required to make a purchase of the best product for the most inexpensive price.