Are you someone who is a cinematic thrill seeker? You pursue the adventure of finding the one person who has ruined something very close to you. I am of course speaking of a common neurosis known as revenge. Many people are addicted to getting revenge over the bad guy. Well here at StreamlineInfo we have found what we believe to be the greatest revenge film of all time! This movie is called “I Saw The Devil”.

I Saw The DevilThis film exemplifies the greatness of revenge films. It has the action, the intense fights, and plenty of graphic images to traumatize the viewer. The plot of the movie is typical of revenge films, but does a great job executing it. The protagonist experiences a profound loss at the hands of antagonist, and throughout the process of him seeking revenge, he begins to resemble the man he so hates. The line between a good guy and bad guy becomes blurred between both characters. This is what makes the film stand out amongst others. There is no black and white in "I Saw the Devil". The viewer is left with shades of grey.

All of the acting was done very well. The main characters work well together, and all supporting cast members did an excellent job. The antagonist was able to exemplify the insanity of a serial killer without seeming fake. The protagonist was able to portray his emotions merely through his eyes and body movements. This made his character very interesting considering he hardly talks or expresses himself much. A fantastic performance from them both actors.
Main CharacterThe cinematography was absolutely amazing. You would not expect so much thought was placed into cinematography as it was in the story. The combination of great camera work with a great story makes this film all the more powerful. If you can handle the extensive two and half hour long time frame then you will be rewarded with a movie that is uncommon to most movie collections.

We give this movie a 5 out of 5! It has achieved all basics of film-making and then goes beyond that threshold with a story so emotional that will stick with you for days. This movie is highly graphic so do not let any children watch this film.

Bad Vs. Bad?

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