The Greatest Rinehart Pipes

The time to upgrade the exhaust system on your vehicle can be very crucial because it involves spending a decent amount of money on something that will most likely be a permanent modification. Moreover, with so many brands and models being available, it may be quite difficult to choose which ones will suit you, and your vehicle the best. Rinehart pipes offer one of the best solutions in regards to the modification of the exhaust system on your vehicle. However, there are many models to choose from within the selection of Rinehart pipes, which makes the decision even harder! This article breaks down the selection of Rinehart pipes into sub-categories, and then lists the most popular models within each sub-category. Use this information effectively, and you will surely be able to make an educated purchase, and ultimately be very satisfied with what you have bought and installed.

True Duals Rinehart Pipes

Some motorcycles have dual exhaust systems stemming directly from the engine block, and others have the exhaust systems split after the headers. These models of True Duals Rinehart pipes are designed for the former type of motorcycle. These are designed to be the loudest, most aggressive sounding, and deepest exhaust systems that this company produces. Check out the models that are listed below before any others, as they will provide you with the best bang for your buck.

Touring Chrome 4 Inch Dual O2 Ports

Touring Black 4 Inch Dual O2 Ports

Touring Xtreme Ceramic

Black Primary/Chrome Muffler

Slip-On Rinehart Pipes

These models are designed to be easy to install, rather inexpensive, and produce a decent noise from your motorcycle. Although they will not produce as great of a noise as the models of Rinehart pipes that were described in the previous paragraph, but not everybody wants an exhaust system that will wake up the neighbours. One of the best features about these models is that they are simply beautiful; their black and chrome colors are vibrant, and the shape that they were built with is nothing short of astonishing.

4 Inch Slip-On Chrome

4 Inch Slip-On Black

1 3/4 Inlets Touring Chrome

2 Into 1 Black

2 Into 1 Chrome

Cross-Back Rinehart Pipes

This is a rare style of exhaust that is not their most popular seller. The models of Rinehart pipes that are listed below are designed to tap into a unique area of the market, and be sold to unique niche area buyers. However, they produce a much smoother sound than the other models that are featured in this article. Take a look at the models that are listed below, as they will definitely provide you with the most satisfaction.

ST Flush Black

ST Flush Chrome

Staggered Black Not X Bones

Staggered Chrome Dual O2 Ports

2 Into 2 Rinehart Pipes

2-2 models are designed to exhaust a greater amount of air than the single styled models; there are roughly the same amount of benefits to choosing either type, so these 2-2 models of Rinehart pipes should be geared towards your own personal interest and desire. All of the models that are listed below offer roughly the same amount of performance increase; moreover, it is simply a matter of which one looks and sounds the best to you.

2-2 Flush Black Dual O2 Port

2-2 Flush Chrome Dual O2 Port

2-2 Staggered Chrome

Dyna 2-2 Staggered Chrome

Dyna Staggered Black Dual O2 Port

2 Into 1 Rinehart Pipes

These models are designed to take a dual outlet pipe, and reduce it to a single outlet by the time that it reached the point on the motorcycle where other people can see it. The models of Rinehart pipes that are listed below simply sound amazing! The calibre and quality of sound that a motorcycle can produce when it is diverging two air streams to come out of one medium sized pipe is nothing short of phenomenal.

Black Ceramic Primary/Chrome Muffler

2-1 Black Dual O2 Ports

Black Ceramic Dual O2 Ports

Chrome Dual O2 Ports

Rinehart pipes are one of the most dominant exhaust systems in the industry of car modifications. They offer an inexpensive solution to making your vehicle louder, more aggressive, and increasing its performance. However, with such a large selection of series' and models, it has become quite difficult to decide upon which one to purchase and install. This article lists and describes the most popular models that are available to the common consumer, and then further organizes them into sub-categories. Use this information to your advantage, and ultimately make the best possible purchase!